Monday, September 28, 2015

Sprout takes Creativity to a WHOLE other - we are talking 3D level, people!

If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (@muchloveilly), you would have seen all these bright, colorful sneak peeks for my newest collab with Sprout HP. (Some of you guys might remember my past posts with Sprout HP. Click HERE for a flashback!) These guys rock at the coolest technology, taking all of our creative juices to a whole other level - and when I a whole other level, I am NOT exaggerating.

This all in one desk top allows Sprout HP to showcase their 3D technology, producing a 3D scanner to scan objects into 3D design to mold and to shape into whatever is your creative heart's desire. I experimented from my favorite orange troll (yay, 80's!) to a conch shell from Turks and Caicos.

Once you've scanned the project, you are able to play and shape and stretch the 3D image to produce whatever you want. And that's where the 3D Dremel Dream Maker Printer comes into play.

Watch the video for a sneak peek of how that works! {Disclaimer: Yes, I talk fast and move hands a million miles an hour when I'm giddy. *Insert monkey covering mouth emoji here* And yes, why does Youtube always choose the most awkward thumbnail. Getting over myself now.}

Be sure to stayed tuned on Instagram and on the blog for the result of my 3D Design. I'll be playing with my new toy for many, many days to come! With the holidays just around the corner, the opportunities are endless!

You can also check out this sweet Sprout Gallery for more sweet creations, as well as where to find the nearest Sprout retailer for YOU, my friend to get your hands on one!

This post was sponsored by HP. Thanks for letting me review sponsored post. All of the opinion listed here are my own. Literally this 3d awesomeness is what it is...awesome!