Monday, August 24, 2015

to old faithful.

Oh, my little blog. 

Not sure if anyone else is even out there but you and I are here. You're like my old faithful. I get the itch to write and here you are waiting. Wish you drank coffee 'cause I would bring you a cup with a lot of creamer, just like I love it. With a slice of banana bread. Extra butter, please along with that extra creamer. 

And tonight I have the itch to write. I miss it. 

And I don't have a ton to write to be honest after this long, crazy Monday at the office but there's something comforting about running back to this little space. 

In the world of the Butlers if you've followed my Instagram, you know we moved to a new town, moved into a new house (a HOUSE feels like a mansion when you've been in a one bedroom apartment, people!), and opened up our own small biz. So yeah, it's been a little busy but life is good. We earn our weekends as the days our long but at the end of the day, there is something about going home and knowing you own what you worked your butt off for and being able to do with the person you love is even better.

And yes, these pictures were taken in front of our office. Can't take life TOO seriously. Got to keep moving forward through the craziness of life and still have fun. 

And speaking of fun, these red glasses from my friends at Firmoo, yo. They are probably my newest favorite accessory and I wear them all the time and get compliments anytime i wear them. They add the perfect pop of color! And they are as true as their name. This girl don't need no glasses, so they are sheer vanity glasses. Ryan loves them on me too so that doesn't hurt one bit. 

Here's to many more of days of rocking vanity glasses and laughing at ourselves. Life is too short to take it too seriously. Peace out!