Monday, September 28, 2015

Sprout takes Creativity to a WHOLE other - we are talking 3D level, people!

If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (@muchloveilly), you would have seen all these bright, colorful sneak peeks for my newest collab with Sprout HP. (Some of you guys might remember my past posts with Sprout HP. Click HERE for a flashback!) These guys rock at the coolest technology, taking all of our creative juices to a whole other level - and when I a whole other level, I am NOT exaggerating.

This all in one desk top allows Sprout HP to showcase their 3D technology, producing a 3D scanner to scan objects into 3D design to mold and to shape into whatever is your creative heart's desire. I experimented from my favorite orange troll (yay, 80's!) to a conch shell from Turks and Caicos.

Once you've scanned the project, you are able to play and shape and stretch the 3D image to produce whatever you want. And that's where the 3D Dremel Dream Maker Printer comes into play.

Watch the video for a sneak peek of how that works! {Disclaimer: Yes, I talk fast and move hands a million miles an hour when I'm giddy. *Insert monkey covering mouth emoji here* And yes, why does Youtube always choose the most awkward thumbnail. Getting over myself now.}

Be sure to stayed tuned on Instagram and on the blog for the result of my 3D Design. I'll be playing with my new toy for many, many days to come! With the holidays just around the corner, the opportunities are endless!

You can also check out this sweet Sprout Gallery for more sweet creations, as well as where to find the nearest Sprout retailer for YOU, my friend to get your hands on one!

This post was sponsored by HP. Thanks for letting me review sponsored post. All of the opinion listed here are my own. Literally this 3d awesomeness is what it is...awesome! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

to old faithful.

Oh, my little blog. 

Not sure if anyone else is even out there but you and I are here. You're like my old faithful. I get the itch to write and here you are waiting. Wish you drank coffee 'cause I would bring you a cup with a lot of creamer, just like I love it. With a slice of banana bread. Extra butter, please along with that extra creamer. 

And tonight I have the itch to write. I miss it. 

And I don't have a ton to write to be honest after this long, crazy Monday at the office but there's something comforting about running back to this little space. 

In the world of the Butlers if you've followed my Instagram, you know we moved to a new town, moved into a new house (a HOUSE feels like a mansion when you've been in a one bedroom apartment, people!), and opened up our own small biz. So yeah, it's been a little busy but life is good. We earn our weekends as the days our long but at the end of the day, there is something about going home and knowing you own what you worked your butt off for and being able to do with the person you love is even better.

And yes, these pictures were taken in front of our office. Can't take life TOO seriously. Got to keep moving forward through the craziness of life and still have fun. 

And speaking of fun, these red glasses from my friends at Firmoo, yo. They are probably my newest favorite accessory and I wear them all the time and get compliments anytime i wear them. They add the perfect pop of color! And they are as true as their name. This girl don't need no glasses, so they are sheer vanity glasses. Ryan loves them on me too so that doesn't hurt one bit. 

Here's to many more of days of rocking vanity glasses and laughing at ourselves. Life is too short to take it too seriously. Peace out! 

Friday, June 19, 2015

unicorn emojis, hot pink flamingo floaties and an Old Navy $1 flip flop sale - OH MY!

if you are living any where in the south right now, you know there is one dang heatwave firing through. and it's not just heat - it's that sticky, icky humidity that makes it's way into your skin and hair (hashtag big hair, don't care - and you really shouldn't care 'cause there is nothing you can really do to keep it NOT big!). because of that, these busy, looooong days in getting ready for our move have called demanded quick trips to our pool - and oh like milk does the body good, cool, pool water has done this skin so good!

and the pool has been the perfect time to pull out my Old Navy (HOT PINK!) flips flops. i don't know about you but these are def summer staples. if you haven't grabbed your own pair yet, be sure to head to Old Navy this weekend for their $1 flip flop sale so that you can stock up with all of your favorite colors. i'm thinking to make a run this weekend and grab a turquoise and lavender pair! 

wanna win an additional pair of flip flops and possibly even a vacation?! then also be sure to check out Emoodji for your chance at just that AND you can even find out what is your most used emoji. if you are like me, i could not be more obsessed with emojis...and even more so hearing the rumor, there is the possibility of tacos, unicorns, and flamingos (oh, my!) headed their way to our keyboards through the next update! my most used emoji is the paint palette! what's yours? 

hope everybody has a fantastic weekend! 
stay cool out there, people! peace out. 

this post was sponsored by Old Navy. all remarks are my own. thank you for letting me share about my favorite companies so that i can keep this blog rolling...woohoo! 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

tallying up the points.

top: c/o walktrendy / leggings: forever21 / flats: shopdressup / necklace: twerkstorian / boppypins: muchloveilly shop / rings: forever 21

let's tally up all the points to this shirt.

1) polka dots
2) every from color of the rainbow
3) chiffon material not easily affected by this GA summer heat already here
4) and duh, goes along with the pink hair

INSTANT favorite shirt ever.

then again any article of clothing that screams UNICORN LIFE wins me over instantly.

and speaking of GA and it's summer heat - i know i was just on vacation (feels like yesterday we went to St. John) but i am so excited for summer! if we are going to be exact, school counts down to SIX days exactly for moi, but really who's counting? i only teach first period and as much as i love these students, teachers are just as ready for summer and the students are - so seriously, no offense taken. we are all in the same boat.

so here's to the final days of the school year and all unicorn-life screaming articles of clothing! WOOHOO!

Monday, February 16, 2015

bending the rules.

if you know me, you would know that i have my moments where i like to stick to the book. i will follow the rules and do what i'm told. then there are other moments, where i will go against the flow and go in rebel mood.

well, today is one of those moments - where bending the rules are definitely going to be more than necessary...especially when it comes to bending the rules with my friends at HP and with the adorable, oh so talented Meghan Trainor.

but let's talk about what i mean by bending the rules. it means that my laptop is cooler than your laptop 'cause it bends the rule. while your laptop stays in one position, my new HP x360 laptop can be not in just one, but four different modes: laptop, tablet, tent and stand. complete 360 degree capability to allow the unique flexibility!

HOLLA! now you can see how rules should be bent when it comes to something as sweet as this laptop! i see those eyes growing rounder and those jaws dropping. you know it!

i'm also a fan of its sleek size and shape, perfect for when i am on the go - and i am always on the go! and the beats speakers (we are talking dr. dre, people) are one of my favorite features for my music (it's all about that bass people - hehe, i'm so punny *wink*) and for those netflix binge marathons with Ryan.

and since we are on the top of 4 when it comes to the 4 modes of the x360, we were asked to feature 4 of our favorite things - and lately, if you've been following me via instagram, i've been posting doodles from my drawing book. last semester, i was learning to adjust to the change of schedule with my current full time job and teaching and just life that i didn't make as much as i should have creatively. and to be honest, it got to me. i could feel my creative part of me shriveling up. so i made it a goal this year to get back into writing, blogging and drawing. anyone else relate? so these are four of my favorites page from my drawing book. nothing spectacular but to me, it just feels good to get pen to paper.

anyways, like i mentioned earlier, this pots is not only a partnership with the good people of HP but also with one of my favorite artists, Meghan Trainor! come on - i know i'm not the only one singing "All About That Bass" or " Lips Are Moving" in the car with the radio speakers at full blast or in the shower, using the shampoo bottle as a microphone. i'll be following her tour on this landing page here, so i invite you to join me!

this post was sponsored by HP and by Megan Trainor's All About that Base tour. dear friends, thank you for your support so that i have the opportunity to feature sponsored posts like these. you rock! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

man, i'm in a good mood.

for reals, people.

i'm in a good mood. i am going to completely blame it on the sunshine - which inspired me to bring out my new favorite pair of shades from Glasses Shop. their called the salinas with clear and BRIGHT orange frames. they are the perfect pair to grab on the way to the beach or for a sunday afternoon drive. so fun! (can you tell? i'm already so ready for summer!)

and the fact that i'm having one of those weeks where things are clicking on all cylinders. you know what i'm screaming? FEELING GOOD, PEOPLE! and i'm also loving all the red and pink and hearts and lovey-dovey-ness of this week. like i told my class the other day, when they were all bashing on valentine's day. and i told them that i am one of those cliche, cheesy weirdos that actually love valentine's day, so sue me. (#michaelscott)

with how crazy and messy life can be, you got to celebrate every good thing that comes one's way. even the paper hearts and valentines candy and a sweet husband who loves me every single day. (hashtag blessed. hashtag lucky. hashtag i know i got it good.)

and because of my good mood, i think i'm in a list mood, too. you, too?
good. i knew we were good friends.

Making : triple chocolate chip cookies 
Cooking: nothing at the moment if you count baking cookies as cooking 
Drinking : lots more extra cups of coffee. 5am, 10am, maaaaybe 3pm if i can't help.
Reading : one plus one by jojo moyes (loved me before you so i have high hopes for this one)  
Wanting: a puppy dog so so so bad 
Looking: forward to some super exciting things taking place this upcoming year *insert monkey covering mouth emoji* 
Planning: our yearly vacation 
Wasting: too much time binge watching tv shows (but technically if you are enjoying the shows, it's not wasting, right?)
Sewing: not much sewing at all these days. weird 'cause that used to my daily life and now i haven't picked up a needle and thread. don't know if that is sad or a relief. maybe both. 
Wishing: for march to get here already so that my family can all be together again 
Enjoying: this fast-paced but wonderful life with Ryan 
Waiting: for the timer to go off for my chocolate chip cookies to be done baking 
Liking: too many pictures on instagram. anyone else spend too much time on there?
Wondering: how many sour patch kids would fit inside of a the eiffel tower 
Loving: my recent addition of gel pens 
Hoping: i never really grow up and take life too seriously 
Marveling: at God's abundant goodness
Needing: those chocolate chip cookies to be done baking in the oven already 
Smelling: chocolate chip cookies (unintentional theme) 
Wearing: the top i wore to work today but then sweats and my fluffy pink house slippers 
Following: (or trying) too many to-do lists 
Noticing: how quickly God moves when He gets things going
Knowing: God is faithful 
Thinking: about the future 
Bookmarking: vacation planning sites 
Opening: way too many windows on my computer 
Giggling: over random text messages from my sisters 
Feeling: excited 

and btw the way, guys, thanks for your sweet welcoming-me-back-to-blogging comments. 
you guys are truly the best. 

and now i hear my timer finally going off. ta-ta. off to stuff my face. 

taking stock list inspired by pip and sydney

P.S. Discount code for anyone who wants to be my sunglasses twin! Use IleneJ20 for 20% off of ANYTHING on - or if you are in need of just frames, take 45% off with discount code Y2B45. woohoo!!!! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

meet my new best friend, sprout.

sooooo....i've mentioned my brand new toy to you guys before. in the previous post and if you stalk follow me via instagram, you know i was screaming from the rooftops about this baby! but if you haven't been introduced, please allow me...

this is my new friend, Sprout.

yup, like those adorable little green shoots you see out of the ground or in your emoji keyboard.

the super cool people over at HP gave me the opportunity to review their newest computer. like any normal gadget freak, i was like, heck yes! *insert emoji of girl in pink shirt raising her hand* but this guys, is more than just your average computer. as described on HP's website, Sprout is a creativity station and a full functioning computer.

let me explain to you what that means exactly.

so it's got everything you would expect a normal computer. it's got a wireless keyboard and mouse and a beautiful 26 inch monitor. but what makes it special are 1) the monitor is completely touch screen, 2) the overhead projector and 3) the activity mat. the projector and the mat work hand in hand to be able to make all the magic happen. from scanning objects (like my lipsticks in this post!) and being able to take those images and move them around the mat using your fingers, so you have absolute control. there is a stylus which you can use to draw or write but you can use your finger as well! what i love are the options you have to create with no restrictions or limits!

and that's just the surface of the Sprout. there are also apps to be able to create music using the piano keys that project onto the mat. you can also scan objects into 3D images. the editing programs for scanned images is pretty sweet too. you can skype with another friend and create projects together using your sprout - talk about being able to create projects across the internet with that option! (sandy, are you reading?! me and you, girl!) 

like i said, i am just scratching the surface and it's been exploring and discovering the magic Sprout can do! i'm sure this is only the beginning. expect more projects to be posted in the days to come! 

this post was sponsored by HP Sprout. thank you for my faithful readers and friends who support my sponsors so that i can bring you original sponsored posts. you guys, rock!

Monday, February 2, 2015

kiss me, kiss me. did ya miss me?!

i think like i wrote two, maybe three blog posts ago, these long absences from the blog are far from intentional. i blame the busyness of my life (but hey, who isn't busy, right? i applaud you bloggers who have found the balance and while this 13 year old in the body of a 30 year old woman continues to struggle and learn. its a daily process, folks.) and i promise, i have a valid excuse other than being busy.

my laptop died.

pretty much the life source for any blogger, writer or social media specialist.

so you can forgive me, right? that's legit....right? okay, good.

i didn't get a new laptop but i did got a super sweet gift from my friends at HP, the newest Sprout - which i will definitely tell you more about in an upcoming post but for now, going to show off some of the sweet things i can do with it!

for example, see the four lipsticks tubes in the first picture of this post? instead of trying to scour the web for images of my favorite lipsticks, i was able to physically place my favorite lipsticks on my Sprout mat, and my friendly Sprout did all the work by scanning the tubes into individual images for me. then once it did that, i was able to create them in a work space and add my own handwriting and touch to the collage above. no more restricting collage spaces - absolute freedom.

but let's get back to lipstick. my favorite tubes of lipstick for those of you determined to find some pop of color for valentine's day or just because you want to find a new lipstick.

these are my current lipstick go-tos:

nars heatwave: an oldie but a goodie. it's the perfect shade of red-orange.  and it's a semi-matte, my favorite formula because i love the look but isn't completely dry either.

maybelline wine and forever: this tube stays on forever! literally, so if you are looking for an all day glossy look for those busy days, this is your lip. and it's darker than it appears in the picture above or even on the tube itself, which is my favorite part about it. i still use a dark lip liner but once you line it, you are all set.

mac ruby woo: looking for the perfect taylor swift red? it is def one of the more matted-looks in my collection but after a layer of chapstick or vaseline glossed beneath it, it's the perfect pop of red!

revlon touch of spice: not gonna lie. i love the nude lip shade as much as the bright shades. i adore this revlon formula - very similar to mac - and the shade has a great balance of nude and rose. familiar with kylie jenner's infamous lips? this shade is practically identical to the matte pout she rocks in her IG pics.

what are your current lipstick faves that are stocking up your lady purse? 
i am always on the hunt for more favorites. 

{this post was sponsored by sprout by HP. thank you, Sprout! and thank you to my lovely, faithful readers and friends who support my sponsors so that i can bring you original sponsored posts.}