Monday, October 27, 2014

letters. {yeah, it's been awhile.}


infinity scarf: c/o ecoshag / jacket: c/o lulu*s / pants: borrowed from my sister / converse: c/o dsw 

dear autumn: please, stay. keep the humid temps away but don't let winter come too soon either.your company is so welcomed for as long as possible. i love the crunchy leaves and the chill in the air and that you allow me to welcome my favorite chunky of infinity scarves like this one from ecoshag

dear red lipsticks of all shades: you continue to be my favorite all year long.

dear taylor swift. your music makes me want to dance around the office and in my car and in public locations all day long. i know every one asks this of you but...can we hang out one day? mmmkay, cool.

dear blog: for the millionth time over, sorry that i haven't been around as often. it's not personal. i'm working on this whole juggling life over here.

dear running shoes: what i said in "dear blog." not personal. 

dear peanut butter cookies: how do you manage to make your way into my schedule in the way that blogging and running shoes can't seem to?

dear halloween: my most favorite part about you this year is that i look forward to seeing my nieces in their halloween costumes this year. #proudauntoverherepeople

dear weekends: you are literally God's gift to mankind especially when you are accompanied with husband, sweatpants and netflix. 

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}


  1. Ahh I want that look :) So cute!
    Juggling life and trying to blog is difficult for sure. Wish we would just blog for a living sometimes :) lol

  2. Taylor Swift is amazing!!!! Would love to hang with her too!

  3. Dear Ilene - please post again soon!

  4. Great to have you back! Lovely post, this jacket is great! Have a happy Halloween!

  5. you simply can't go wrong with a good anorak for winter. it's problem our most worn item for the colder months!

  6. Hi Ilene! How are you? I miss you and your blog updates so much :( I hope everything's good! xx


  7. The whole outfit is awesome:) Missed you lovely! xoxo


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