Thursday, September 4, 2014

all sorts of giggles and laughs and side-stitching goodness.


headband: c/o miss giggle buns / tank: forever21 (old) / lipstick: mac "ruby woo"

yesterday i made a customer laugh so hard that i got myself dying laughing and we probably laughed for a full 10 minutes before i was able to finish processing her transaction.

when my family came to visit Ryan and i a few weeks ago, we were all crying laughing in the family SUV over some old inside joke. we couldn't breath and us girls had mascara running down our faces.

during laser tag last night with our church youth group, lots of laughter ensued as we all ran into each other in the dark, shooting laser beams at each other.

this morning i reminded my students that in the midst of life's serious madness, we all need to stop and laugh.

it's really good for one's soul.

you should try it sometime, friend.

and speaking of giggles, be sure to check out my dear friend's aaaaaah-maaazing shop called (so appropriately!) miss giggle buns. talk about an incredible collection of every headband print and style imaginable. and every headband is made in the utmost quality at a super affordable price.

oh and if you do visit the shop, you might see some familiar gorgeous faces (check them out HERE and HERE)! *wink*

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}


  1. i always love how you rock headbands and your makeup is soo fab!!

  2. Such a cute hair style! And I agree, sometimes nothing feels better than a good, hard laugh!


  3. Sooooo when are you going to show me how you did your hair? It's so cute!

  4. you look so good in headbands! i need to catch up on your blog - where are you working?

  5. I love the way you styled this headband! I have a few that are similar but every time I wear them, I end up taking them off because I end up looking like a unicorn... ah!


  6. Can you IMAGINE all the laughter we'd have over Five Guys and Bobas??!!

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