Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DSW Shoe Hook-Up: Back to Class Part #3 + Contest Winner Announced!

oversized sweatershirt: c/o boxie tees / dress: base exchange (old) / backpack: forever21 (borrowed from my sister) / teva sandals: c/o dsw / spike earrings: c/o calypte collection

with all the rain that we were getting last week, we actually felt some cooler temperatures for a change. we still experienced some humid southern afternoon weather over the weekend, but the cool morning air was delightful - to the point that i was able to grab myself my newest favorite over sized sweater. it's the perfect shade of powder blue and is oh, so comfy! plus it's the perfect layering piece to go with my go-to black cotton dress turned skirt. and while we are talking favorites, i love my spiky earrings that add the right amount of edge to this outfit, don't you think?

and please, can we flashback to jr. high for just a moment?! who ever said the 90's would never make a comeback?! the recent fashion trends continue to prove that person (buzzer sound insert here) wrong!

these tevas are the perfect touch of continued comfort. sure, they are perfect for those wild outdoor adventures (and for jr. high flash backs) but the pop of bright blue plus pink plus comfort made this a must for this ensemble.

and btw today we are announcing the winner from the photo/video back to school contest! wait for it...drum roll, please!...the winner of my DSW contest is Elyse Tooley who featured her sweet Back to Class via Twitter HERE! congrats, Elyse! i'll be shooting you an email with the details so you can start shopping!

but hey, to all those who entered, you're still a winner in mine and DSW's eyes since part of your entry included joining DSW rewards! you're pretty much a winner with all the great perks you get for being a pat of the coolest back to school group ever. and if you aren't a member, don't wait a second longer! click HERE to join in on all the fun! you don't want to miss out!

last but not least be sure to check out the rest of the DSW Back to Class gang! this is our last and final week of back to school outfits and more DSW contest winners to be announced - so be inspired as we wrap up this super fun series:

this post was sponsored by DSW though all my opinions are def my own! thanks for supporting the sponsors that keep this blog rolling!

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DSW Shoe Hook Up: Back to Class Part 2 (and a contest to win FREE DSW shoes!)

dress: c/o lulu*s / camera bag: c/o jototes / necklace: yellow heart art / sneakers: c/o dsw / lipstick: radiant cosmetics (moscow)

there was a time in my life, i kid you not, that you would not catch me dead rocking a pair of sneakers with a dress. heels, yes. wedges, yes. flats, yes. but sneakers then, no. absolutely heck no.

but people change, don't they? and lately, sneakers and dresses are becoming a routine favorite especially when it comes to these classic white converse sneakers. i love how you can rock them with anything. they are comfortable and just too cute to pass up with a pair of cut off shorts, cuffed jeans, and - wait for it! - even caaaaa-uuuute dresses.

and did you know dsw is giving you a chance to grab your own pair of converses? or really any pair of dsw shoes 'cause they are giving away a $50 DSW gift card. i say that's better than money! here's why:

1) you hafta to spend. with gift cards, you can't put in a bank account or spend it on food or rent or gas (unless you have a gc for those things, duh).

2) you hafta to spend it on shoes. dsw shoes to be exact. second duh.

and this is a super easy contest to get in on! first, like i mentioned last week, sign up for dsw rewards. super easy! sign up and DONE! first step complete. i'll even include the sweet link HERE to make it easy for you and the link to the actual registration form HERE. and then the fun part: take a picture of your back to school style and upload it to facebook, instagram or twitter and hashtag it with #DSWShoeHookup.

and BAM! there's your chance for that $50 FDW gift card. come on. you are uploading back to school pictures already (i know you!) so just enter already, folks!

once you've done all that, enter RIGHT HERE, not here...but HERE (or the other right here) and i'll draw a winner next week. i'll be announcing on August 13th! enter as many times as you want! and be sure to tag @muchloveilly in your posts 'cause i wanna see!

and last but not least, don't forget to check all the other sweet bloggers continuing to show off their back to school style. seriously, they are some of my favorites!

this post was sponsored by DSW yet all my opinions are completely my own! 

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}