Tuesday, July 15, 2014

thank goodness, i'm not a celebrity.


top: c/o taylor and stylist / shorts: aeropostle / necklace: c/o eve's addiction / trainers: c/o jd trainers

where to even begin? this has been one caaaaa-razy summer. i feel like i have overused the word whirlwind to describe my summer...but that does not make it nonetheless true.

soooo whirlwind, it is.

from the madness of a fast-paced job to preparing for an awesome ministry opportunity this upcoming fall to visiting my parents and sister in South Carolina over 4th of July weekend to (last but not least!) moving to a new apartment over this past weekend. (raise your hands to the roof!)

whew. i feel like i need to catch a breath even after typing all of that.

which made me randomly thing: can you imagine a life of a celebrity? whether an actress? to the president of the US? to anybody who's schedule is jammed packed by their agent or publicist - or really someone other than yourself? you want to go take a nap and somebody is like um, no. you have to go hang out with barbara walters for that interview. or you want to just go get a quick work out in but then someone else is like no, you have to go hang out with taylor swift even though you don't want to but it'll get your instagram likes up and you can use the extra exposure! 

and you just want to say, i'll hang out with taylor swift when i want to! i just want to take a freakin' nap!

but because i'm not a celebrity and though my life is crazy busy, i can still go take a nap and go work out or read a book of snuggle with my husband because i freakin' can.

thank goodness, i'm not a celebrity.

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  1. i didn't realize the life of a stay at home mom was JUST like the life of a celebrity!!!!;)

  2. Hahaha, I'm lucky I'm not a celebrity ^^ Love your summer looks especially the shoes

    visit My Little Cream Button • | instagram •

  3. Ugh I would cry, I like lots of down time!

  4. sounds like my life right now. Minus moving ;) Life sure can get busy.
    Love your outfit btw. Super summery ;)

  5. Life is hectic already, I think that sort of pressure would be sooooo draining to my energy lol. I'm so happy to hear how busy your life has been. Congrats on the new place and the new ministry opportunity. You look radiant as usual :)

  6. The celebrity life seems thrilling at a glance, but you're right! I bet it can get old real quick! Lovely outfit :)

    Enclothed Cognition

  7. Haha yes, being a celebrity would be such a challenge! Love this yellow tank on you and thanks for the coupon code!

  8. Oh I loooove those kicks girlfriend. And I agree....celebrity life...no way. I have no desire for fame! Hope you have a great week!

  9. You are adorable and congrats on the new apartment. Consider the roof raised haha

  10. i love love your hair and your new kicks!!!!

    Sandy a la Mode


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