Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DSW Shoe Hook-Up: Back to Class!


top: c/o Boxie Tees / skirt: c/o Lulu*s / boots: c/o DSW / glasses: UO

back to school. yes, i was one of those nerds that actually loved going back to school. i love going back to school shopping with my mom and sister. i held tightly to that shopping list that the school distributed. and i still can't help but reminiscence those days when i run into a target and see all the students and parents scrambling over the discounted notebooks and crayons.

but i have also been a sucker for back to school trends. it also means that fall is just around the corner which means time for sweaters and scarves - oh, my! i also love me some nerd glasses (neeeerd! i told you!) and backpacks and plaid! and last but not least, i love me a good pair of booties that i can transition to from the warmer days of summer and into the early days of fall. and here in the south, we don't deal too much with snow (sorry, Chicago friends!) so the Steve Madden Rubin booties in cognac that i'm rocking with this outfit is the perfect pair for that exact purpose! they are comfy and i actually remember owning an very similar pair back in my old-school (literally) days.

want your own pair? be sure to rush over to DSW and snag your own pair! DSW is my personally one-stop shop when it comes to a great pair of shoes at affordable prices. i don't think i've lived in a town where there wasn't one at least in driving distance, but if you don't have one in your area, they have an awesome website with the exact same shoes in stock at the same discount prices.

and one more thing: if you are a DSW Rewards Member, you get even more discounts?! i don't know about you but i am all about saving money. every penny counts, right? get started HERE and join me to getting a ton of perks (including points galour that can add up to a new pair of DSW shoes and even a sweet birthday gift and even more!). it's a super sweet program - and get this: next week, i'm hosting a contest next Wednesday that does require you to be a DSW member! but it's total win-win 'cause 1) you'll get the perks of being a member to a super cool programs 2) you'll be eligible to enter a contest that may or may not (but more may) include a pair of DSW shoes!

i mean, come on. it's a total win-win-win, as michael scott would say.

don't forget to follow all the other bloggers involved and see how they've styled their DSW hook-ups! check out their blogs below or follow the hashtag #DSWShoehook all across social media!

thanks to DSW for sponsoring this post. all opinions are all my own.

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}


  1. I spend so much money at that store I don't know how I'm not a spokesperson. Cute photos, my love!

  2. CUTE! Now I want a pair!

    BTW totally checking out all the beutiful ladies you listed above and their blogs. I need some new blog reads :D

  3. Love this look! So Cute! I also love the other outfit, the blue polka dot dress and white sneakers with the yellow bag! Such cute colors together!


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