Tuesday, June 10, 2014

summertime loving.

bag: madwell / sandals: steve madden / hat: lulu*s / tank: urban outfitters / sunglasses: michael kors / skirt: one stop plus

during my lunch breaks, i try to make my way outdoors to get a breath of fresh air but lately, the Georgia temperatures have definitely been rising...to the point that i'm literally melting. apparently, spring made a pit spot and headed straight out the door as summer seems to already be barging its way in.

anyone else know what i'm screaming? word.

and recently, i've been finding myself drawn to looser pieces of clothing. not necessarily less but def looser; however IMHO the less clothing sticking to you, the better. i've been on the look out for some new maxi skirts to stock up in my closet similar to the navy blue striped by one stop plus in the above collage. maxi skirts are one of fashion's greatest inventions, don't you think? comfy. flattering. and the point of all of this: airy and loose and cool.

i also love a white tank especially with sassy, fun print - and who can say no to summer accessories like a colorful sandal, floppy hat, aviators and the coveted madewell leather bag?! if summer is going to make an early appearance, i'm going to be fashionably prepared. 

stay cool, my friends. peace. xoxo.

what are your favorite spring to summer transition pieces?

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}


  1. I can picture you in all of these items. Heck, I can picture me, too!

  2. Love that tank..and that hat..and everything else here. Summer is just the best!

  3. oh, summer, my favorite time of year!! Sunshine and warm breezes!


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