Thursday, June 5, 2014

soak it up.


dress: HM / sandals: c/o Blowfish (last season) / necklace: c/o prettiesbymeg / watch: c/o feral watches 

so i got to admit something.

all of those years that i was ready to be done with school - including high school and college - and i just couldn't wait to be on my own with a job and my own place and taking care of myself...i am kicking myself now for not savoring those days. you know why?

because i had what kids today (and what i did then) take for granted: SUMMER VACAAAAATION.

sure, when you are an adult, you can take vacation when you want. in the middle of february or early september. if you want to. but then you got to work to take those vacations. but when you are a kid in school, all you had to worry about was school.

funny how things that we worried about years before or yesterday is not a big deal. and things today that stress and worry me, may seem petty thirty years from now. i'll be a little, hunch-back 80 year old lady, shaking my head and laughing at younger version of me. while right now i want to tell my 16 year old self, soak up those summer days, baby! while my older self will probably see my current self the way i see my younger self.

back to the future moment. whoa.

and i hear you have to have babies and then they grow up and go to school and when they get summer vacation, you get summer vacation (if you're not working full-time). might have to consider that plan.


anyways i'm preaching to the choir, yo. so here's to soaking up the summer days of a 29 year old because later on, i'll probably covet them as much as i covet the summer days of sweet 16.

speaking of soaking up the summer days, i'm off to see Fault in Our Stars. kleenex box in hand. peace out!

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}


  1. You look gorgeous in that dress! And I SO know what you mean about wishing you could tell your younger self to appreciate things like summer break. Those were the days... xoxo

  2. I love this outfit!! I hope you enjoy TFiOS + for sure bring those tissues!! I'm going to be seeing it this weekend and I'm not sure if I'm emotionally prepared yet!! (Although I doubt I'll ever be!!)

  3. Yeah! Soak it up while you can young lady!! Then you can spend your toothless years reminiscing about these wonderful moments! :)

  4. Seriously. I would kill for summer vacay right now!

  5. I'm with you--miss summer vacations SO much. Also, you look fantastic!!

  6. I am LOVING my Summer vacation and definitely soaking in every single minute of it.

    You are GORGEOUS in this dress!

  7. you look SOO pretty in that dress, girl! i wish i could go watch movies with u!!

    Sandy a la Mode


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