Sunday, May 25, 2014

first thing's first, i'm the realest (realest).

dress: c/o sheinside / shoes: tjmaxx / lipstick: nars heatwave

and now that's been said, i have to say that i can't stop rapping singing that song. i can't promise that i have all the words down like my girl, iggy but i def pump the volume up in my car when that beat starts pounding my speakers. I'M SO FANCY! YOU ALREADY KNOW! I'M IN THE FAST LANE FROM LA TO TOKYO!

speaking of fast lanes, the past month has been one big fast lane but such is life and i like it that way - especially that past of the month where the husband and i made like one giant forest and escaped to a long blissful week in the paradise called Turks and Caicos! 

pinch me. did that really happen? 
the pinching of my epidermis is still happening a week after the trip.

and though i totally spammed my instagram with my Turks pictures, i'll probably spam more here with my non-phone pictures. what? non-phone cameras still exist? yes, they do and i am determined to not get sucked into the laziness of camera phones. and don't get me wrong. i love my iphone camera a lot. check my IG. you know this. but just wanted to give you fair warning, THERE ARE MORE PICTURES OF THAT TURQUOISE BLUE PARADISE AND I WILL VIRTUALLY VOMIT THEM ALL OVER THIS BLOG.

it's coming. you were warned.

in other news, in bullet format 'cause Ryan wants to watch a movie that we need to return to a Redbox kiosk before 9pm so we don't charged the extra $1:

1) i think that every weekend should be a three day weekend.
2) the newest xmen movie was a def highlight of the weekend. #jlawkicksbutt 
3) when i first heard denim dresses were making a comeback, i scrunched my nose and said no, the 90's are not making a comeback to my wardrobe. ha! i always say that about things i hate at first whether music or food or tv shows and next thing you know i'm obsessed. so yes, when i saw discovered this gem of a denim dress on sheinside, i fell head over heels and even more smitten when i slipped it on and wore it to church this morning. it's the perfect fit and the perfect weight of denim - not too heavy - for the humid summer days to come. and last but not least, IT HAS POCKETS.
4) and speaking of 90's, why have i been browsing the birkenstock website multiple times a day. somebody stop me. 
5) other current obsessions include: cucumber water. short haircuts. summer flavored twizzlers.

and lifting my glass of ice cold cucumber water, cheers to the rest of this fantastic three day weekend! everybody stay safe, have fun and remember the men and women who sacrificed so much so that we could possess the freedom to take the day off from work and eat burgers and sleep in an extra couple of hours. 

much love.
{happy sunday, friend.}

Sunday, May 4, 2014

a little white dress, running out the door, and other weekend ramblings.

white_collage01white05white07white04white_collage02dress: belk / denim jacket: urban outfitters / shoes: c/o blowfish shoes / bag: c/o chicnova / bracelet: c/o fair ivy / watch: feral watches / lipstick: nars (heatwave)

there's nothing like a little white dress that screams spring. this white eyelet dress has been screaming at me from my closet to be worn for the last three months. literally. hung off to the side apart from my other dresses. since march, yes. but the southern georgia weather didn't cooperate. 

except for this weekend...when it indeed in fact did. the weather has been warmer, promising the heat of summer yet still blowing a light, spring breeze to keep the heat from sticking on one's skin for too long. 

and it was one of those weekends that i admit makes me heart a bit heavy. not that it was a bad weekend. it was a really, reeeeaaally good one. Ryan and i had some lazy moments of laying out on a blanket in our front lawn with books and tall, full glasses of ice water, soaking in the tease of summer. we also made it to the theater to see The Amazing Spiderman 2. (and oh, andrew and emma. you two make me giggle and cozy up even closer to Ryan every single time. i love you guys.) and to top it off, we sat outdoors and enjoyed our fill of Chipotle. extra white rice. no beans. load up the chicken, sour cream, cheese and lettuce and you can call it heaven.  

and  i even enjoyed a Saturday morning run, pushing out another 4 miles out of me. (side note: sorry if that phrase pushing out makes you think of birthing. that was unintentional; however, doesn't make the statement any less true. lately the love/hate relationship with running has transitioned to less love. not that i don't love running anymore. it just has taken a little more effort to keeping it a part of my less flexible schedule. so it def has deserved more of a mental push to tie up those shoe laces and get out the door. but hey, that's the key, right? actually getting out the door. runners unite! do i hear an amen?) dang, it felt good. 

goodbye, weekend. you've been another good one. 

much love.
{happy sunday, friend.}