Monday, April 14, 2014


sweater: forever 21 / dress: belk / sandals: c/o blowfish shoes / necklace: c/o pretties by meg / lipstick: NARS heatwave

hello? is anyone else still out there?

i'm still here. i promise.

i don't mean to be away for so long. life has just been go! go! go! i've honestly had to find my footing in the new transition of my work schedule and everything else that i'm juggling at once. to be honest, the first month of studying and then learning the new job was tough. like really tough. and a part of my heart ached as i wasn't able to dedicate as much time into writing or blogging like i used; however i knew transitions don't always last forever. they are what they are - transitions - and it just takes a little bit of time (sometimes a lot) to transition and to adjust and to learn from the season of transition.

through this transition and change of schedule and pace of life, i was brought back to the days of when we moved around as a military. we moved every few years and there was always that moment of transition. there were moves where the transition into our new life took a year, other times only a few months...but like every other transition before, it did't last forever.

so i reminded myself of those days as i transitioned into this new phase of life.

and that's not to say i'm completely transitioned but i will say that i am adjusting and feel like i've grasped my balance and routine a little better than the first few weeks. i'm learning lots of new things (with my job and also personally things that God has been bringing to light in my life) and the place that i am in right now gives way to some possible exciting adventures for mine and Ryan's future. God's faithfulness has continued to be so evident in this weird season that i had never expected.

weird, not in a bad way, but i guess this is repetitive but rather...unexpected.

so that's kind of where i am.
how about you, friend?
fill me in on what's new with you. i'd love to know. xoxo

much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}