Tuesday, March 4, 2014

you must know...

stars05stars_collage02stars_collage01stars_collage03sweater: jcpenney / dress turned skirt: forever 21 / tights: c/o we love colors / flats: c/o blowfish shoes / watch: c/o feral watches 

you must know that as i write, i am eating the most delicious, moist (note: THE only acceptable time where the word moist is appropriate. THE only time, people) carrot cake with a thick layer of cream cheese frosting, topped with nuts. yum.

you must know i am not the biggest fan of the world moist unless it comes to carrot cake. or any cake really. 

you must know that i never in a million zillion years did i ever plan, predict or expect to study for an insurance license, but i have been studying my brains out for the past two days for an exam in two weeks. hashtag prayers appreciated. so yeah, talk about a major, unforeseen fork in the road.

you must know that i believe God has a sense of humor and that i am constantly learning His plans are WAY bigger than my own. i have a feeling this will be a continued life lesson for me. 

you must know these flats from my friends from blowfish are my new favorites. 

you must know that i am so over winter and want spring weather. oh, you already knew that? i figured.

you must know that i loved every bit of oscar's night last sunday. my bff, j-law and everything she is and does. bradley cooper's face. lupita nyong's speech. ellen as the host. pizza delivery man. benedict cumberbatch's photo bomb. pharrel's red sneakers and happy song.

you must know that i have officially come to the point in my life where donuts trump cupcakes. shocking, i know. i'm really growing up here. 

you must know that i had the opportunity to sub for a high school Bible class last week for three days and loved every single bit of it. i described it like this to ryan: i felt alive, doing what i was made to do! along with writing and downing large amounts of coffee and liquid creamer, teaching is write up there with things i felt like God wired for me to do in this life. 

much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}


  1. Ooh studying for your insurance license?! What are your plans with that? Exciting to just leave it all up to God and know that His plans are better than any you could ever dream up yourself! :) Also, I agree 1 billion percent on the "moist" thing. haha


  2. I started to work for an insurance firm a couple of years ago to take the series 6 and 63 and maybe series 7, but three of us quit after about three weeks (it wasn't a good company though). It was pretty hard test. Good luck girl!!!

  3. Love the outfit. And I agree the Oscars were amazing!! :D

  4. good luck on your test - you've got this!
    i loved ellen too, she's the best. :)

  5. That hair. That outfit. It's perfect! Wow insurance! You can do it girl! xo

  6. 1. that outfit is brilliant
    2. good luck on your exam!

  7. I think sometimes we end up on places we never thought we would. I mean I work in a financial area and I NEVER did anything to do with it at school. God certainly has a sense of humour and I feel lately that I'm moving closer and closer to my real purpose.

    I hope the exam goes well :) x

  8. love your outfit, and it looks like your Bible class was fun!

  9. God does have a sense of humor absolutely!

  10. lovely outfit! love that you use Mary Jane shoes!


  11. You look beyond beautiful!! Love your hair, your makeup, outfit..everything is superb!! Adorable

  12. Ilene you must know that my coworker got me a princess cupcake today with bright pink frosting and edible glitter. Mmmmm.

  13. Hi illi, Found your blog through Adri Lately, love it and will follow your blog from now on. Hope you will check out my blog and follow me back. You are very inspirational!

    Much Love,


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