Sunday, March 9, 2014

lesson (not) learned + other weekend ramblings.


tee: c/o lamixx / jeans: borrowed from sister / booties: c/o dsw / denim jacket: urban outfitters / sunglasses: c/o london retro / backpack: c/o lulu*s / watch: c/o feral watches necklace: c/o megan lane 

so...that long awkward pause on the blog last week was completely unintentional. 

there were a couple times last week that i meant to crawl back out of bed to pull out my laptop and write thoughts out in a post but with as mentally and physically exhausted last week from starting a new job and studying for this license exam, you can guess i never made it out bed until my alarm blared loudly at six thirty a.m. 

you can guess my first mistake: getting into bed. i never learn. i used to do the same trick in college. oh, just a ten minute nap. once i completely missed my best friend's senior recital by pulling that number. several friends called my phone at least 20 times and left several messages. even though the ringer was on, i never heard my phone one time. you'd think i would have learned after that.

in other ramblings on my mind....

1) my inner 90's child jumped for joy that i in fact tied my jacket around my waist. (does any one else think 90's when they witness tied jackets around waists?!)
2) i literally jumped for joy that i didn't need to wear a jacket after church today because it was that warm.
3) and speaking of jumping for joy, big news of the weekend is that i (this girl!) RAN 5.08 MILES on saturday morning! that might not be a big deal to some...but for me, that is a HUGE deal!
4) ryan and i finally finished breaking bad because netflix finally uploaded the last eight episodes. and i know i'm so behind with the rest of the tv obsessed world, but wow, what an incredible ending. satisfying in the best way possible!
5) could the weekend be one more day longer, pretty please? but don't we say that every sunday night?

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}


  1. I love your super relaxed outfit- you look so comfy! I am loving your hair, I didn't know you cut it, its a great length on you! <3

  2. you look so cute, as always! i love your sunnies!!! and a blog break is A-OK!!

  3. I ALWAYS do that. Ten minutes turns into two hours. Currently trying to fight the napping addiction.

  4. Send that warmth up here! It's in the 40's but I'm still feeling the need to wear a coat.

  5. I love that you're wearing your jacket around your waist - the look is definitely coming back. You look great!

  6. We were bereft when we finished Breaking Bad... what on earthe will we watch now??! ha ha ha!

  7. Sounds like you had an exciting new week with the new job! Happy you're getting some great weather!

  8. Loved Breaking Bad! It definitely lived up to the hype all the way to the end.

    Now, watch True Detective!

  9. I'm so proud of you and your running! Running sisters!!!


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