Monday, March 17, 2014

currently: a super mini version.

enjoying: a relaxing evening
dreaming: about summer and vacations
loving: my red hunter boots more and more when it rains
watching: parenthood (tear-jerker. every. single. time.)
reading: insurance exam books
quoting: lots of Best in Show between me and Ryan (energy!)
thinking about: the super fun coffee date with Ashley
eating: almond butter on toast
drinking: green tea frappe from starbucks
sewing: nothing but want to sew some goodies for my nieces
passing: my license exam this morning!!!!!!!!!
running: over 5 plus miles regularly
painting: my nails in a spring color (mint? lilac? pink?)
craving: more chipotle (could eat it every day!)
listening to: frozen soundtrack on repeat
relishing: God's promise specifically in Isaiah 41:10
laughing: over this hilarious video of a naughty but cute dog
feeling: elated and thankful and excited about the future

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}


  1. Oh my! That is my verse as well as I started a new online venture in January that came right from Him

  2. Really enjoyed your post, very creative!


  3. aw i really liked this post! love the concept of it(:

    xx shirley

  4. congrats on your driving licence!!!! ^^

  5. Hooray for the running! I'm so thrilled and happy for you! And congrats on the exam!!!

  6. green tea frappe is my drink of choice too!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  7. Love and hate Parenthood because I usually end up with a headache from crying.

  8. Hope you're having a wonderful week Ilene!

  9. Parenthood is an emotional freaking roller coaster. I love every second, but man.


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