Monday, February 17, 2014

letters: florals, netflix and pasta.

dress: forever21 (from forever ago) / jacket: c/o Lulu*s / tights: c/o We Love Colors / scarf: c/o ecoshag / boots: c/o Blowfish Shoes 

dear spring. i think we are def ready for you. no, i know that we (and i am speaking for all of Atlanta and pretty much all of Georgia) are so ready for you to make your appearance. 

dear snow. you were fun for a little while. being snowed in had it's fun moments - like ryan working from home and being able to see his good-looking face all day or me reading and writing all day and us watching lots of the olympics. but it's time you head back up north with the rest of your snowflake friends. see you in a couple years.

dear floral dress that has been in the back of my closet. if i wear you, will you encourage spring's arrival? good, i thought so.

dear weekend. you were such a good one. think about extending to an extra day?

dear nora ephron. you continue to amaze me. i watched when harry met sally over the weekend and can't get enough of your writing and movies and books. thinking ryan and i need to plan a trip to NYC.

dear marion roach smith. only half way through your book but man, what i'd do to sit in one of your classes or to sit across from you at a coffee shop? 

dear netflix. it's time for you to bring back felicity. and finally install the last few episodes of breaking bad. the olympics are almost over, so the husband and i need to get back on our binge-watching.

dear italian pasta with a name i can't pronounce from luciano's from valentine's day dinner. with how you danced on my taste buds, i look forward to the next time we meet again.

dear hair. spring also means it's about time to lighten the load. 

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}

p.s. are you Nataly Carbonell? you won the Indie Byline giveaway! shoot me an email at muchloveilly at gmail dot com to claim your prize. congrats to Nataly and thank you to the Indie Byline for one rocking giveaway! 


  1. i can't wait to bust out my spring clothes! come on warm weather!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. Love this outfit!!! I love the jacket and dress mix!

  3. The final episodes of Breaking Bad will be on Netflix in ONE WEEK!

    I've already seen them, but I have a friend who is impatiently waiting for them.

  4. I love these letters Ilene!!
    I'm wishing Spring would come and stay too!! We've been having some nice days sprinkled with chilly/ice cold days that are keeping us all on our toes (in not a nice way!). But I LOVE this cozy outfit of yours!! :) xoxo

  5. Can't get enough of the Olympics over here either! But just as y'all, we have gotten enough of this cold weather :(

  6. Oooh, that floral dress is perfection. Love how you styled it with your booties too!! And yes, spring, I'm ready!!! xoxo

  7. you're going to cut your hair??? How short?

  8. Dear spring, Add Wisconsin to Ilene's list. We are VERY ready for you too.

  9. I second what Erin above me said. Wisconsin needs spring ASAP!

  10. your so dang beautiful!! I love you dress :)

  11. Love this combo of army green and floral! Hope you get some Spring like weather soon!

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