Friday, February 28, 2014

currently: brownies, bible studies and besties (NOT birds, beets and battlestar galactica).


reading: last week i finished up the memoir project by mario roach. i had never heard of it and saw it popped up on mary beth's IG feed. i am always on the hunt for a new writing book so after doing some research on it, i made a trip to a my closest barnes and nobles and bought myself a copy. i pretty much inhaled this little book of writing wisdom in one day. so really if you are a writer of any kind (blogger! book writer! dear diary type!), i highly recommend this book. i'm also in the middle of still writing by dani shapiro. not even finished with it but i am already recommending it to any creative person who love incorporating creativity as a part of their every day. so yeah, these aren't my typical fiction recommendations but it's good to be well-rounded in your reading and to branch out every so often.

eating: i know all of my healthy friends are thinking tsk! tsk! but i've been eating a lot of brownies lately. hehe. could be the time of the month about to make its appearance (TMI) but put together the craving for chocolate and something warm and comforting and ta-da! you are in need of a brownie! okay, so i haven't been eating them every single second of the day but i normally make a dessert a couple times a week to have something sweet in stock...and this week, i've made brownie desserts twice - one a regular brownie, the other with cookie dough. yum. 

loving: this new Bible i received from my friends at B&H Publishing. the cover is absolutely beautful, a sky blue with a deep red leather pattern, and i have been using it alongside my personal ESV Bible to compare Bible passages as i worked on word studies for my weekly Bible study and in preparation for Bible lessons i teach at youth group. with it being a study Bible, it def gives the reader a chance to go deeper in their study, providing outlines, extensive commentaries, word studies, character profiles and so much more. as one who personally hungers to know more of God's Word, this is def one that i plan to use for many more studies to come! 

watching: so last weekend Ryan and i had a movie marathon Saturday afternoon. and we took it to another level, making it an animated movie marathon, watching both The Lego Movie and Frozen! and we loved both of them, walking out of the theater hand in hand and singing the different songs. *everything is awesome* and *let it go* have been stuck in our heads all week, and we really are big kids at heart and i don't see us having a problem taking our kids to animated movies in the future! also Netflix finally updated their ques, so we plan to binge-watch some of our favorite tv shows this weekend. 

looking forward to: date night tonight! we are going out for hibachi, so not only looking forward to a good time with my husband but also to some of that hot, sizzling food! i can almost smell the aroma of chicken and vegetables and garlic rice. dinner time needs to be NOW! 

thinking about: friendships and how they look like in one's adult years and how i feel very grateful for the handful of women that God has brought into my life in the past year. this thought might need to be developed into a longer blog post but basically i am continually reminded how much we were created with an innate need for relationships. for a friend to laugh with until your stomach hurts because you share the same humor. for a friend to eat Mexican food with every other week. for a friend who text you weird pictures in the middle of the night so you can literally LOL when you wake up first thing in the morning. for a friend who grabs coffee with you in the most random Kroger locations and picks up on life where you last left of. for a friend who has walked further in life with you and can give you loving advice without judgment. if you have at least one of those kinds of friends, know you are so blessed. i certainly know that i am.

AND if you didn't get my Office reference above, then we can't be friends. just kidding. we can be friends but here is the clip for your reference. and it's also the clip for my fellow Office fans or straight up Jim Halper fangirls. *sigh* i still miss this show.

what are you currently up to, friend? currently posts are inspired by the amazing danielle of sometimes sweet! feel free to leave your links of your currently posts. i love reading every single one of them! happy weekend, folks! 

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}


  1. ooh, thank you for the recommended reads. These both sound interesting! I'm in need of some writing encouragement :)

  2. Have good date night! Sounds delish:)

  3. Yummm there is NOTHING wrong with brownies. Also, your title made me laugh. :)


  4. Oooooh I want brownies! My next cheat day isn't till NEXT Sunday and I am SAD.

  5. Brownies are fabulous! Love your post :)

  6. i'm thankful for the friendships i have too. i wrote a currently post a couple of weeks ago...

  7. i totally have the memoir book on my good-reads "want-to-read" list.

    also, i have a blog post about friendships-- about this: " basically i am continually reminded how much we were created with an innate need for relationships" exactly in my drafts. great minds think alike?

  8. LOVE the office and have watched it so many times over I can't even remember now. That episode is one of my favs.

    Here's my newest Currently post


  9. Oh, I miss The Office SO much. We watch reruns on Netflix ALL the time. :)

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