Monday, February 10, 2014

a love story.

oh, the holiday of love.

whether or not you are single or looking or dating or married, i believe that Valentine's Day is more than a holiday to celebrate your significant other. you always have somebody that you love (mother, brother, best friend, co-worker, etc.), so what better holiday to celebrate them than the holiday of love.

okay, for those gagging in front of their laptops, i have a point here.

since we do have the love holiday coming up just around the corner, my sweet friend, Danielle of Take Heart asked me to guest post in her annual Love Story series which take place throughout the month of February. i was honored and actually super glad to be asked because how Ryan and i met is a story that i have been meaning to write on the blog for fooooorever now.

~ didn't even have camera smart phones back then and this camera's pictures came out super grainy~ 

so *ruuuuuuunnnnn* over to Danielle's blog and check out our mushy-gushy tale of romance HERE. and no, i'm not sorry about the mush. it's a story that i look back and can't deny that God's sovereign hand orchestrated every single step of the way. and for that i am oh so thankful.

even with all the mush.

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}