Monday, February 10, 2014

a dream realized.


world's best grey sweatershirt: forever21 / pants: borrowed them from little sister (sorry! if you just realized they were missing, ash!) / boots: c/o dsw / headscarf: c/o ecoshag / backpack: c/o Lulus / lipstick: radiant cosmetics (no longer in biz - sad face) 

so the olympics has pretty much taken over our lives in the butler household. 

forget our netflix binges. we've been watching it night and day. i have always loved the olympics. it was a big deal in our house growing up and it makes me happy that ryan is just as passionate obsessed about the games as i am. 

and i think the olympics might have even taken over my future dreams. i never realized that i had such a passion for snowboarding - but until this weekend, it literally hit me in the face as i held my breath and screamed when they nailed a landing or when they face planted the icy snow, while watching the men and women's slopestyle events.

and the women with their long pretty curls coming out of their helmets. 
i meeeean, you can be cute and kick butt in a sport. gah, i love it so much.

bring it.

in other news, that sweater is the world's greatest grey sweatshirt in the world. it's one of those sweaters, i try not to wear every day but if i do (which has happened), i throw it in the laundry and speed up my laundry schedule just so that i can wear it. 

and you all know my obsession with headscarves especially ones from my dear friend at ecoshag. oh mama-mia. this magenta one kills me. the color and the softness of this material makes it my absolute fave plus it matches my favorite purple shade of lipstick. so BAM! everybody wins! 

wish the olympics were like that.

JUST KIDDING. i really don't. i'm such a fierce competitor. it's what makes sports so much fun. team USA all the way!!!!!! 

much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}


  1. forget curls and helmets, what i would give to live good in a head scarf!!!!

  2. Grey comfy sweatshirts and a pop of magenta, too? My goodness, your outfits are adorable. I wish I looked that cute in a pullover sweatshirt! :)

    And I have to say that I loved your love story post on Danielle's blog. You definitely had me at the first paragraph, too. The talk about being single and all that? Yep, that describes me right now perfectly!! :) But really, it is such a beautiful love story and you two make such a cute couple!

  3. I'm ALL about sweatshirts these days!!!


  4. Your headpiece is too cute! You look adorable and oh so pretty!

  5. I am a huge obsessive olympics fan too. It's so fun!

  6. You are just too adorable. I would've never guessed you're a fierce sports competitor (BC you're so sweet!). But that's the awesomeness of blogs -learning something new about you! They aren't playing the Olympics on basic cable here in Taiwan :[ but you've inspired me to try to find it online now! I think I'm more of a summer Olympics chick though... Dancer and all!

    I'm loving the black on black and the magenta headband! So stellar.

    xx Jillian

  7. That sweater looks so cozy and perfect for going out and staying in watching the Olympics. Popcorn, Olympics and cozy sweaters FTW!

  8. Seriously don't think anyone can pull a head scarf off like you! And those booties are perfect!

  9. I love the Olympics and pretty much watch nothing else. GO USA!

  10. I luuuurrrvvv your ego shag head scarf. I need one!! I am gonna go check them out now. I haven't been able to watch the Olympics being here in France although it seriously just occurred to me that of course it's on TV here! I just haven't turned it on to check!! I too and a fierce competitor (like, to a fault) and love the Olympics!! I also wish I was wearing your outfit It looks so comfy!

  11. Can you tell me how you tie your head scarf? I bought one but I'm unsure how to work it! I'm goofy that way I guess. You look so ridiculously cute in yours!!!!

  12. You look stunning with that headscarve! I love the whole look, sweetie. xo

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