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you asked. i answered. // book recommendations for the new year!

Goodnight, world.  #bookaddict (currently reading: the dream thieves by Maggie Stiefvater)

whoa, i think it's been awhile since i've written a post like this. i get a handful of emails and tweets, asking recommendations on new reads so i thought it'd be fun to just write up my recent recommendations in one handy-dandy place especially if some of you are just itching for some new reads or hoping to get into more reading in 2014.

and heads up, if you've followed me long enough you know my taste in books is rather eclectic but can lean a lot towards YA FIC...as is, this particular batch of books and mainly that.

carry on.

eleanor and park: rainbow rowell

i didn't know what to expect with this book. i heard mixed reviews. some people loved it, others hated it or couldn't get it it at all. whenever i hear this about a book, it makes me actually want to read it 'cause i like to form my own opinions (really on just about anything). so with eleanor and park, don't have the expectation for it to be anywhere near the fault in our stars (gah! another MUST READ if you have not). expectations aside, i found the characters quirky which made me like them all the more, wanting to know if e and p ended up together. guess you'll have to find out for youself.

the sea of tranquility: katja millay

loved this one. not the most fast-paced book but the emotions are absolutely raw, you can't help but be drawn into the lives and thoughts of the characters. you might need some kleenex for this one. and the closing chapter? absolutely beautiful. makes the whole book worth the read. also the main girl is a runner which i found rather inspiring as i read this when i first started my running this past summer.

scarlet (book #2 in lunar chronicles): marissa meyer

i have to say i loved cinder (the first book) more than the second one but i still really enjoyed scarlet. i'm already a sucker for fairy tales of any sort (once upon a time, anybody?) so i love how marissa meyer creatively weaves fairy tale characters in her own unique twist. and like the first book, this one was a cliff hanger, making you hate the fact that you have to wait a whole 'nother year for a book release when you read the book in 1.5 days.

clockwork princess: cassandra clare

i think i might have to set aside a whole blog post for my love of the infernal devices series. i cannot rave enough about these books. you have heard me talk about these books. not the first time on this blog or twitter or IG. everything about this series is perfection. and i'm not even the biggest fan of the the mortal instruments (infernal is the prequel to mortal - aha! light bulb!). they were good to me but THIS series was beyond great. the character development is spot on. every single book was fast-paced and riveting and always left you wanting for me. and the way cassandra (totally first name basis - cassie?) wrapped up the series, BEST ending ever. the kind of book where you are so sad that the series is over but still so satisfied.

and in case you were wondering, team will all the way.

name of the star: maureen johnson

i could not put this book down. and i admit, i did double-check the closets and under the bed while reading it. it's a little bit on the eerie side but you can't stop reading 'cause you just want to find out how it turns out! without giving too much away, i love that the setting was in england and i love the creepy factor about it. eeeek!

the raven boys: maggie stiefvater

this book totally includes one of my newest fave book boyfriends of all time. his name is gansey, and you need to read this one to meet him. *throw hand to forehead and sigh* it includes four intriguing boys (this statement is debatable), lots of magic and a strong, female protagonist (love her!). it's also so well-written (i have a weakness for good writing. sure, i can reading stephanie meyers work through much-cringing but i am able to read it 'cause i think over all, it was a great story line. but when its a stellar story and stellar writing, it really must be praised.) again, i hate giving away too much but if you trust me this book is a winner.

and it's so good, i'm currently reading book 2 in the series, the dream thieves.

unearthly trilogy: cynthia hand

first off, throw off any preconceived ideas that come along with the covers of this series. when my friend first recommended them to me she had to tell me the same thing. cheesiest covers ever but the content phenomenal. remember me raving about hush, hush? this series is WAY better than hush, hush. and i really don't like all angel-hype books that seem to be coming out but though this is an "angel story," it's a fantastic story line with some fabulous character development.

also if you finish the series, my friend (the one who recommended this series) and i are planning a trip to Jackson Hole. it sounds so beautiful in the books, we can't help but dream about a trip out there!


and that's it! for now at least. have you read any of these? what are your thoughts on them? you know me, i'm always up for a book discussion! and i'm also always open to recommendations so please, share!

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}


  1. I love this!

    I am hosting a giveaway on my blog that ends next week!

    Have a GREAT week!

  2. I wish I could get myself to read. My mind wont sit still long enough ;/

  3. sounds awesome will have to check it out! thank you so much for the suggestions!

  4. Ilene, I swear we must be book soul mates! Adding these ALL to my Goodreads!

  5. I'm a big fan of the series that start with Cinder, and the one with The Raven Boys, too. I'm eagerly awaiting the next book in each! Have you read Days of Blood and Starlight? I feel like that'd be right up your alley, too.

  6. Once I get a little more used to having the baby and working, I want to get back into reading for fun (instead of just baby books!). Thanks for these recommendations! xo

  7. Impeccable timing, I need a few new books!!!


  8. So glad that we get to do life together...in ministry, in laughing, in eating, in reading, and yes...even in pouring rain. Thx for the shout out. Can't wait for our coffee date ;)

  9. Can I come to Jackson Hole too??? :) Still haven't started the 3rd book yet, but the series is definitely better than Hush, Hush.

    We have the same taste in books, so I'm seriously going to add ALL of these I haven't read to my list.

    I loved Eleanor & Park and The Fault in Our Stars.

  10. eleanor and park keeps getting recommended to me!

  11. The Name of the Star sounds the most up my alley. Definitely adding it to my TBR list. Thanks!

  12. I can't seem to get through Clockwork Princess. I loved all the Mortal Instruments books and Infernal Devices but I'm having trouble with this one. I will give it another go...

  13. I have a question for you. Can I read Clockwork Princess without reading the Mortal Instruments? I started that series and I just couldn't get into it.


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