Monday, January 6, 2014

winter ramblings.


coat: c/o choies / sweatshirt: forever21 / wide leg jeans: gap / boots: c/o Blowfish Shoes / necklace: pretties by meg / lipstick: radiant cosmetics 

i have been eyeing a plaid coat for some time now, so when i got this one in the mail, i jumped for joy. literally. i do this thing where i run around the apartment and wear my new clothes and do a little fashion show for ryan whether or not he cares to see it. it's the best to do it when he's in between client phone calls. okay, not really...but i find it sort of hilarious. 

i suppose that is my job until we have our children who will do this for me. look at me, daddy! look at my new dress! coat! toy! looooook! 

in other random thoughts on ilene's brain this morning....

puffy down-jackets with furry hoodies used to be a part of my daily uniform when i lived in the windy city of Chicago. the one i particularly rocked on a daily basis was a black eddie bauer one that made me feel like a burnt marshmallow. but who cared? if it kept you warm enough to stand the frigid temperatures of the city, you wore it. 

underneath layers of down and clothes and scarves, i would waddle to the bus stop that was a block away from my apartment, counting on my bus tracker app to be correct...and most of the time, it was. it needed to be. i didn't want to stand an extra unnecessary second in the bitter cold. then once i waddled onto the bus - with all the other waddling, layer-bundled bodies - i would savor the 10 minutes ride of warmth until it was my work building made it's appearance and it was my turn to waddle off.

so to be honest, i really cannot complain about these frigid Atlanta temps. (i woke up this morning thinking, 27 degrees?! i think ryan and i need to think about hibernation for the rest of the month!) i can keep my puffy coat unbuttoned for crying out loud. i no longer waddle. i just make a brisk run from my heated car to the grocery store - 15 seconds, tops. and then when i run into my house, i can pull into a garage instead of sloshing my snow boots through a foot of snow as i rummage through my purse for my apartment keys with my gloved hands. 

all that to say, i'm thinking of all of you my northern friends. hang tight. you are strong. i think of my baby sister who texted me last night when we were talking about the weather and her return to chicago: my tears will freeze on my face next week. brrrrr.

how did i live in Chicago for 8 years again? someone please tell me. 

excuse me as i go clean my apartment with the heater turned on full blast. wherever everyone is on this monday january morning, drink lots of hot liquids and stay warm and alive

much love. 
{happy monday, friend.}


  1. I just ordered a plaid blazer. I'm really starting to like plaid now.

    I'm in KY and it's 2 degrees and the feels like temp is -19 but it could get up to -30 "feels like". Pure craziness I tell you. It hasn't been this cold in decades.

  2. That coat looks so cozy and perfect for the cold. Stay warm my friend!

  3. Stay warm girl- we're freeeezing up here in Chicago! Glad to know you have a cute coat for when it does get chilly ;)

  4. That is such a cute jacket! For some reason this winter, more so than previous ones, plaid just seems to feel RIGHT. That being said, I need to go buy some plaid!! xD

  5. That plaid coat is awesome and it looks great on you, sweetie. Happy New Year! xoxo

  6. It was 9 here this morning which hasn't happened in like 20 years. So cold!

    Wish I had that coat. So cute!

  7. Hahaha you crack me up. :) 27 is about what it is here, too. But I'm from Utah where we don't wear coats unless it's absolutely necessary. And today the sun is out, so no coat for me. Haha!

    Loving this coat! So cute! I totally wear my new clothes the minute they arrive, too. ;)

  8. Yep, here in WI it is literally freezing. We threw coffee outside today and some of it just evaporated, the rest landed in frozen droplets.

    Is it summer yet?

  9. This coat of yours is gorgeous - the colors are perfect! You look fabulous in plaid and I'm loving the fur. Very chic! Your jeans are a great touch too. You definitely look ready for the new year!

  10. this weather is INSANE!! But i love your plaid coat! I just got one too only mine is missing a fur hood....very essential!

  11. Well I know I couldn't even handle 27 degrees! But that coat is amazing!

  12. Ugh I am SO OVER winter in Chicago already. My husband loves it. He keeps going out in it and talking about how awesome it is. He can keep it. I'm hibernating.


  13. You are so pretty. I like your outfit. If yo don't mind, I like to suggest more stylish hoodies collection of District hoodies.


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