Thursday, January 16, 2014

three things: thief-ery, downtown abbey, and the world of cooking.

~ a somewhat irrelevant, obnoxiously large picture of my face but if we had a coffee date and were face to face, my friend, this is whatcha get. in. your. face. and i do have a large head (by size, not ego). not exaggerating. ~ 

feels like life has been go-go-go especially since after the the holidays. december was pretty crazy for us, too but january seems like it hasn't stopped. but personally, i like it that way. i love full days and am taking advantage of this fresh start to the year. so in the midst of the craziness (in a good way!) here are three (random) thaaaaangs on my mind: 

1 // last night i couldn't stop laughing (this is an every day occurrence, actually). every night this week, Ryan has pointed out how i am so bad about stealing the covers at night. he never mentioned this before but i think ever since the temperatures have dropped, we get colder in the middle of the night; therefore, i have a tendency (in my sleep, i swear! i am unaware of any thing when i'm asleep!) to steal all the blankets. like ALL the blankets and sheets. we have a mink blanket that we use in the winter and i have snag that one. so i told him about the time i had to share an air mattress and one blanket with Leonora and how she was so cold that night (and we were in Colorado for goodness sake) and how we couldn't stop laughing that i did that (and had to swear to her all over again that i am totally unaware of my "thief-ery" so after the conference she even sent me this card. and when i pointed that card out to Ryan (which i stuck on our dresser mirror), he said to me i know exactly why she sent that card to you! and my laughing fit continued as i tried to give him as many covers as possible.

hi, my name is ilene and i am a blanket stealer. (hiiiiii, ilene.)

2 // this past week's downtown abbey episode. i don't even know what to say. my heart is broken and shattered. i don't want to give too much away especially for those that might still be on previous seasons or haven't even caught up on this week's. but those of you who watched...gah! i couldn't stop texting about it with my mom and then even started to talk about it to Ryan, who doesn't watch the show but is used to me talking about characters (from books or tv or magazines or anywhere really) like i know them in real life. 

me: Ryan, i can't believe it! it's so wrong! whhhhyyyyy? why did that even happen?
Ryan: i know, babe. i'm really sorry.
me: gah! i mean, why did't she say anything? and that dude...he just - just walked away!
Ryan: that's rough. i'm sorry, babe. 

(he's so understanding, isn't he? i think i'll keep him.)

3 // okay, so if you knew me immediately after college, you would know my passion for my hatred of cooking. i ate out a lot (well, i did live in Chicago so that's a given) and avoided any "opportunities" to bring side dishes or desserts (everyone loves Oreos and Chips Ahoy, right?). and even when i first married Ryan, i hated being in the kitchen. like i would literally start hyperventilating, staring at the recipe and sweating as i tried to figure out measurements and ingredients and all that crap. 

but noooow, and it's a flipping miracle...i really (prepare yourself, especially you Kim, my old roommate who knew of my anti-cooking disorder..are you sitting down?), reeeeaaaallly have started to love like (baby steps) cooking! good thing, Ryan is a patient man. he says he isn't but with me, he really is. he actually did most of the cooking before he got his full time job (and he is a fantastic cook - it's the italian in him, i think) but then when our schedules change (and mine is more flexible than his), i took on the challenge of rolling up my sleeves and cooking away. and he was very kind as i ventured into this brand new world called cooking.

and i admit, i still sweat perspire a little bit when tackling new recipes but there is a brand new feeling of excitement and satisfaction when i cook a meal that we can enjoy together! there is something about a good meal that is comforting. even though the day might have been crazy, you can know you can follow a favorite recipe, whip it up and know that there is immediate joy when those combined ingredients hit your tastebuds.

whoa. that felt very julia childs of me.

and you? three things on your mind, right now! about being a blanket stealer, your feelings towards DA or even mutual hatred/love for cooking - anything! share in the comments below or send me your link if you end up writing a similar post! i always love to read them. 

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}


  1. So I my husband tells me that I am the biggest blanket stealer on the face of the earth. I usually go to bed before him and I end up burritoed in the covers and he can't even get into bed without pulling them away from me. I, too, am obsessed with Downton Abbey ... I was upset about the Anna storyline, but then I read an interview she gave and felt slightly better about it. and I love to cook ... but sometimes after I get home from work, it is the LAST thing I feel like doing.

  2. I totally steal the blankets, along with our 70 lb furbaby, Royce. He helps steal them too. Hahaha. Our other one sleeps underneath the bed.

  3. I was the same way! Couldn't even make mac and cheese. But when I got married something changed...I don't know what but my old roommates are totally baffled.

  4. haha...omg. I literally relate to each point. I'm also a blanket stealer. SIGH. I wish I could help that situation but at this point, it's practically hopeless. haha. I also disliked cooking right after college but, now I'm all about it! And Downtown Abbey...YES!


  5. I feel the same way about Downton Abbey :( So sad.

  6. I still haven't watched Downtown Abbey, everyone I know who watches it is obsessed!

  7. good job on the cooking! i've come to really enjoy in the past year or so, finally!

  8. I hear ya! It feels like I haven't had a minute to breathe save for a couple days when I unplugged over the holidays. Time to take a breath! :)

  9. When I woke up this morning I had ALL the covers and Izzy was curled up in this sad little ball lol. I felt so bad!

  10. Downton Abby...gahhhhh. What a heartbreaking episode! I understand completely.

    A Silver Snapshot

  11. I think I might be the only one in the world who hasn't seen Downton Abbey - I thought it was DowntoWn Abbey util just recently!

  12. Blanket stealers, unite. That card is hilarious!

  13. i steal covers apparently like its my job... I kind of do this tuck & roll thing that wraps me in a cocoon and leaves the husband out to dry.

  14. Fun post!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  15. Oh my goodness I am a blanket steal too! SO much so Steve has started using his own blanket and just giving me the entire comforter on our bed! LOL He started doing that like 2 weeks after we were married :P

  16. i am totally a blanket stealer... hehee.

    Sandy a la Mode


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