Wednesday, January 22, 2014

taking stock. take two.

three things || 1. grey sweatshirts are one of the best things ever invented 2. this oldie but google necklace from @shoplemode gives the perfect punch of neon and gold and 3. there's a *new post* on the blog about...three (other) things: "thief-ery," Dow

Making : plans for the year 
Cooking : my original pasta recipe (we don't have a name for it so ryan and i refer it as ilene's pasta) + this olive cheese bread (which is to die for) for dinner tonight 
Drinking : apple juice. been my recent juice crave. 
Reading:  two books at the moment - the dream thieves and is everybody hanging out without me? (and other concerns) the latter is freaking hilarious.
Wanting: Ryan to hurry back from his meeting so we can hang out on what's left of the day 
Looking: forward to finally wrapping up this long day with a hot shower, PJs and finishing one of my two books
Playing: Midnight Memories on repeat (don't judge) 
Wasting: too much time playing Farm Heros (but man, does it not feel good to beat a level? not as good as a Candy Crush level but pretty darn good.) 
Sewing: a button onto one of my favorite winter coats. it popped off when i threw it in the washing machine. 
Wishing: for the warmer days of summer
Enjoying: family group text messages 
Waiting: my phone to finish charging 
Liking: only black nail polish these days
Wondering: if people still read blogs as much as they used to 
Loving: my church family and community 
Hoping:  a certain life long dream comes true this year 
Marveling: the faithfulness of God 
Needing:  a nice, long run 
Smelling: what's left of the DKNY green apple perfume on my sweater 
Wearing: jeans and my purple sweater but about to get into my PJs and calling it a day
Following: my newest IG crush @designlovefest (how have i never heard of her before?! somebody has obviously been living under a rock) 
Noticing: short and medium hairstyles all around me (so tempted to cut my hair again!)
Thinking: about the unknown and discovering more beauty in it than as something to be feared 
Bookmarking: several quotes from Mindy's book i'm reading because they are too hilarious and want to share them with my sisters later 
Opening: too many windows on my laptop 
Giggling: all the time over everything 
Feeling: tired yet content and oh so thankful 

wrote one of these a few months back and thought it would be fun to write another one up again. 
inspired by pip of meet me at mike's!  if you write one of your own, include it in the comments - i'd love to read it! 

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}


  1. Giggling all the time over everything..haha you are so cute!

  2. I still reads blogs as much as I used to, if not more, but it seems like fewer people are blogging these days. I keep hearing that blogging is on the way out...

    1. i think you are right. that might be the better question: wondering who is left blogging these days? it's an interesting discussion to have. i think the ones who will be left blogging are the ones who's sole purpose to blog is to write. :)

  3. AHHH I know what you mean about wanting to cut your hair. I feel the same way and mine's not even THAT long.

    I may settle for a good dye job after the wedding instead.

  4. beautiful post, i love that you have a big heart for the lord. and, i have to admit, midnight memories has been on repeat for me too! hehe

  5. Great post and you look so pretty!

  6. I agree with the Mindy Kaling book you're reading, that book is such a gem, one of my favs! She's a dynamic woman lol. I loved reading this, you're so cute Illy, day is instantly brightened haha

  7. you look so pretty! i've been wanting to reading that Mindy Kaling book. definitely bumping it up higher on my todo list!

    cute & little

  8. Love getting a look into your daily happenings! You look perfect in that picture, too:)

  9. Love this! Inspired to write my own...
    xx. Jillian

  10. I have a tiny idea of what your hoping may be...!!??

    Love it, Illy! And I really hope blogging isn't on it's way out.


  11. Oh i gotta try this post and THANK YOU for reminding me to put "Is everyone hanging out without me" on hold at my library. I've been wanting to read it lol

  12. For some reason I feel like people don't read blogs as much as they use to. Now that there's IG, pics are so much easier for those on the go.

    I also just recently started following designlovefest on IG, always followed the blog but didn't know about their IG acct.

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

  13. Love ur blog & Ur style .. I keep checking it for fashion inspiration. chk my blog, may be we can follow each othr

  14. Aww..that is the sweetest post every and I am all about black nail polish right now too. It's so sassy! xoxo

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