Friday, January 31, 2014

snow jam two oh fourteen.

all of you northerners and west coasters are probably sick of hearing about hashtag snow jam 2014. not as sick as all of us were, suffering from cabin fever or those of us that were stranded on the highways for hours. at first it was fun and exciting and there is a little thrill of throwing off crazy schedules and being stuck in doors for a couple of days. but then that starts to wear especially as we heard horrible stories about those that were stuck in the snow storm.

if you want to read a very thorough and positive outlook on what was happening here in Atlanta, you hafta, haaaaafta read this post from my friend, Ashley Krieger. she couldn't have said it better.

and there was def a positive side for the butlers. it's funny 'cause ryan and i were just saying on sunday how we were preparing ourselves for an insane busy week. we expected one of those weeks where we hardly saw each other except right before bed to say goodnight and whoever was the last one up to turn off the lights. the past couple weeks before that had been a whirlwind of busyness so we were just preparing ourselves to tackle another week head on.

so all that to say the timing of  the snow jam couldn't have been better. for us, at least.

this is us enjoying the first hour of snowfall so not too much is on the ground. and it was nice 'cause it wasn't freezing cold yet. we hadn't enjoyed snow together since we lived in chicago, so these two chicago kids got a little giddy over it.

ryan wasn't completely off the clock. he still had to work from home but it was nice to be able to work along side him. we both had our laptops out and worked in our PJs, drinking hot tea and coffee throughout the day.

and you guys have probably seen this ticker tape on my instagram and all over the internet because it's just freaking hilarious. it cracks me up every time i see it.

*insert emoticon crying-laughing here*


and then the rest of my indoor shenanigans. major indulge-ment of homemade PB cookies courtesy of my mother-in-law. started on a new book, shiver (no kidding). also was not planning to be as hardcore as others and run in the snow. sorry, not gonna pretend i'm that in shape. so ilene stuck with lots of stretching and her good ole stationary bike. and last but not least while rummaging our kitchen pantry, i grabbed myself a jar of peanut butter and a sleeve of crackers and thought to myself if all i had was PB in my kitchen when the apocalypse hit, i would be just fine. and i know, i really would.

i'm really thankful the butlers had one of the more uneventful stories for snow jam 2014. ryan works only a few minutes down the road, so we didn't have to worry about him having to commute back and get stuck for hours. also being stuck inside made me grateful for things (hot water, heat, warm food, blankets, layers of clothes, peanut butter) that we can easily take for granted on a day to day basis. and the fact that ryan was home safe with me in our home was really all that mattered.

and stay strong, atlanta. don't let the other winter cities' mockery bring us down. we totally rock.

*insert fist pound emoticon here*

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}


  1. We don't ever get snow here in Memphis. It's so ridiculous. It either goes right above us or right below us.

    I have a friend who lives in ATL. It took her 6 hours to get home the other day when it normally takes 1.5. What a mess!

  2. a few years ago seattle shut down due to snow. we only have a few snow plows and it's HILLY here and it was ICY. and there were people stranded on the freeways and no joke, the mayor did not win a re-election because the general consensus was that he did not handle snowpaclypse 2010 very well.

  3. Love the little red hunters! And yummm pb and crackers. Nothing better!


  4. Glad you're making it through! And so glad you're getting to spend it with your other half! xo

  5. Love that you guys turned the snow storm into something positive! Keep warm! xo

  6. Stay cozy, sweetie and pb and crackers? I need to try that! Yum:) xoxo

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