Tuesday, January 21, 2014

life ramblings on colored tights, buzzfeed surveys and growing up.


jacket: c/o oasap / sweater dress: base exchange (old) / tights: we love colors / boot wedges: c/o Blowfish Shoes (old) / infinity scarf: c/o ecoshag 

oh, guyssssss. 

there was a time in my life when my black tights were the ones i least wore. i always went for the cherry red or the mustard yellow or teal green ones. not that i'm completely ready to lay those tights to rest, but from the past year or so, i've found myself drawn to lots of black or more basic stuff in whites and grays. as you can see from above outfit post...proof of my recent daily uniform.

*sigh.* is this a sign of the times? of real adulthood? the time when you lay childish things aside and matuuuuure and pick the "boring" colors....? i'll keep you posted on my findings as i try to figure this out.

in other news, it's been a good week. yesterday my internet was out and which forced me to put on my "domestic" hat and clean house and make Ryan's favorite dessert from scratch. and in contrary to dessert making and testing, i went on a nice long run especially since ATL hit a high of 61 degrees - raise the roof!

and hey, it's only tuesday and the coast looks clear.

this morning i went to a bible study (which i am eating up!) and then spent the afternoon at the movies with a bag of buttery popcorn, my girl tanya and our BFF, J-Law (or J-Rawr as we lovingly have dubbed her after her raaaawwring T-Swift photobomb).

ooooh, and real quick, did you guys do this J-Law survey? i got the American Hustle Jennifer Lawrence. still don't know exactly how that is my result. probably because i choose the regular coca-cola answer or maybe because i picked speed skating as my chosen olympic sport. i mean, come on - i need this person's job who gets to sit around and dictate people's life choices based on these little annoying but addicting surveys! friends are moving to portland because of this one! don't do it! it's rigged! portland would actually hate me if i ever became a part of their community. i know this because i am the last person on the earth to go organic. how do i know this? because of that little life-manipulating survey.

mmmkay, i'm finished. moving on.

tomorrow is a big day for me.

i am officially changing my last name. *cringe.* i know, i know. celebrated my one year last month and haven't made it official-official (facebook does not count). and i'm not one of those that are against taking their husband's last name. i just never got around to it. and do you know what a pain it is to get your butt down to the social security office on a weekday in atlanta? if you don't, then yes, it's a pain. if you do, then bless your little heart.

so i guess you could say this is me growing up in a nut shell: retiring the bright, neon tights and legit-taking my husband's last name. and a part of growing up is shutting up when it's time to shut up, so for now, this is me signing off! ex-oh-ex-oh! muwah!

much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}


  1. Its not as bad. Just make appointments at the DMV and make sure you fill out the paper for SS. I really didnt run into any issues there, the easiest place to change my name was the hardest and longest wait.. aka my school and bank lol

  2. This outfit is amazing on you! Love the leather and grey together! Cute! Congrats on the 1 year last month on your marriage!!!

  3. I've been married for almost eight years and I have yet to take my hubby's last name. At first I was against it and then I just kept on procrastinating...but I still want to do it.

  4. Style comes & goes & changes & evolves. Who says you won't return to bright tights when you're 32?! With the right look, it can totally be done as an adult. :) Wear what makes you happy, friend.

  5. Seriously, when did grey and black become my favorite colors? I've been trying to figure out if I'm maturing or if it's actually the so called boring colors that are just more in style lately. When you know, let me know, kay?

  6. exciting about the name! grey/black/white are my fave too...maybe more so in winter also!

  7. Love this dress on you:) The perfect winter uniform. xoxo

  8. I love leather jackets in winter, port clothing have amazing leather jackets which i want to buy soon.


  9. Wait... in the US you have to go change the name separately after the wedding? Is that a common thing that someone changes their name few months/years after they got married? I'm not judging or anything, I'm just really surprised. In my country (in Europe) one of the steps of getting married is to pick what name will you use and then you automatically have it once you say your I do's. Of course you have to go change it on your ID, driver's licence etc but you don't have to go request the change of the name itself.

    1. no offense taken! yes, it's total preference and not required here in the US. i kinda wish we had to do it before the wedding so that i didn't wait so long to finally getting around to doing it! :)

    2. Thanks for the answer Ilene! Congrats and good luck tomorrow.

  10. This is such a cute outfit, you look beautiful! I love that leather jacket!

  11. so i got portland too... and i'm not that crusty. it could be the black coffee.. how about i call you seattle and it's all good?


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