Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Julie Ann's Online Bridal Shower!!!! // what i would wear.

a couple years ago, i got the super fun chance to hang out with these crazy-inspiring, crazy-creative, and flat out craaaazy ladies. there were many late nights involved, lots of laughter, cans of beans (inside joke!), and the blossoming of online friendships turned into real life, tangible ones (flashbacks here and here).

and today, i get to hang out with these same women and a few more becaaaaauuuuuuse (are you ready for this?!) we are throwing our sweet friend, Julie Ann, a supriiiiiiiise bridal shower to celebrate her recent engagement to the love of her life!

(*throwing confetti and blasting party music now*)

now everybody at this little party is contributing to it one way or another (cocktail recipies, decorations, etc.), so i was asked to throw together a "what i would wear" to Julie Ann's bridal shower: 

boots / lipstick / dress / necklace / tights 

when i think of bridal showers, i always think of floral prints. i'm not the biggest fan of pastels - seems like most showers - baby and bridal ones - like to go the pastel route plus so i went with an edgier but still on the sophisticated side. a floral print shift dress and a touch of edge with the boots and tights plus some fun with a red lip and great-gatsby inspired necklace, scream paaaaarrrrtty to me!

be sure to check out the other bridal party attendees posts:

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*extra round of applause for her since she organized this fab idea!*
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and last but not least, be sure to leave some love and congrats for 
Julie Ann
in the comments below or over at her own beautiful blog!

and all of us sent her gifts via mail for her to open up so this would be like a real life bridal party. i sent her a Much Love, illy swag package - earrings and couple of headbands to add a touch of fun to all her outfits as she plans for one of the biggest, most fun days of her life!

Julie, we love you so much and are so excited for this season of engagement and ultimately the days that follow your wedding day. wishing you and Jordan only the best! 

much love.
{happy engagement, julie ann!}


  1. SO FUN! Also: I might just have to steal your party dress idea for my own bridal shower! :) :)

  2. i love the outfit choice, its perfect :)

  3. ahhh I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS POST! the picture of us (that is amazing) the outfit choice---EVERYTHANG. Thank you for coming to the party Ilene ;) Now we need to rally everyone up and do this in fo-reals life.


  4. ooooh love this look!! I want to come to a bridal shower instead of going to work! actually i'm having my car battery changed AND THEN going to work so your day is basically way better than mine!

  5. What a cute idea. Congrats to the lovely bride to be!

  6. Ooh! That dress is cute! Such a lovely roundup!

  7. LOVE your outfit! I wish we could have a real life party :).

  8. ILLY! You are the sweetest!!! This was all so frickin thoughtful, I can't believe it! Thank you so so much, I feel ridiculously special!! And um, looooove the outfit! I'm not the biggest fan of pastels either. ;] xoxo JA

  9. this is the cutest idea ever!!!!! awww and i love julie ann!!!!!

  10. Awww this is so amazing! And I love Julie Ann. So, so sweet. :)

  11. Well I totally approve of this outfit and love that your created this post for Julie. So sweet!

  12. I love everything about this outfit! And this is thee sweetest idea!

  13. Yes all of those things would be so perfect for a bridal shower!

  14. Julie definitely earns a sassy, sexy bridal party/shower! :) You guys are so awesome for throwing her an online one! What a fantastic surprise. I think I'd wear a dress, too, and some tights. I'm definitely a fan of tights (which would explain why my mom got me several pairs for Christmas)!


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