Monday, January 13, 2014



leather jacket: christmas gift from my sister, Ashley / denim: Belk / skirt: forever 21 / tights: we love colors / boots: c/o Blowfish Shoes / sunglasses: c/o firmoo 

i confess...

i feel like katniss everdeen when i wear brown leather anything. so yes, i feel like katniss everdeen in this outfit but i guess in a capitol slash districk twelve collaboration or something.

i had to double check the spelling of everdeen. everdean? no, everdeen. ok, i was right the first time.

i've had this skirt for yeaaaars. it's from forever 21 but sadly, i don't think i can even direct you that way 'cause i doubt they have it on the rack or on their site anymore.

i feel like katy perry in these cat eye sun glasses but as of last night's golden globes, i guess i'm channeling my inner meryl streep.

i had to double check the spelling of meryl's name as well. (really shouldn't be typing out other people's names on an early monday morning.)

and speaking of the golden globes, i started tearing up and squealing for joy for my BFF, J-Law when she won and nervously gave her speech. gah, she's so great. (and this photo-bomb. best photobomb EVER.)

i haven't run in 2 weeks because of a hacking cough and fear of the combination of frigid temperature and rain. *fist pumps the air* but alas, today is the day! (just keep telling yourself that, ilene.)

i have a weakness for addicting game apps...esp ones made by the makers of candy crush. this weekend i discovered farm heros. DO NOT download it if you are like me at all. i repeat, DO NOT download. (don't say i didn't warn you.)

what do you confess?

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}


  1. I was cheering for JLaw too! So happy for her. My hubby was so brave and watched about 2 hours of the golden globes with me. Though I believed he dozed off everynow and then.
    And I dont have an iphone (yet ;) ) but I do play games on my hubby's. You need to get QUIZUP. Its so addicting

  2. Very cute and stylish - LOVING the green! This outfit is full of personality :) Have a lovely start to your week!

  3. I love Candy Crush, but I've stopped playing it (well for now). I LOVE Candy Mania so much more. Gahhh it's addicting.

  4. omg i LOVE those cat eyes!! i need a pair!!!!

  5. Oh that skirt is awesome! Pleats are just too fun! I think asos might have one that's similar.

  6. This post sums up the way my brain works on a Monday SO well haha

  7. This entire post made me smile! Love the Katniss-esque outfit and who can go wrong with Forever 21?

  8. I haven't run in 10 months…..can't WAIT to start again once the dr gives me the all clear!


  9. I love JLaw too. She's the best.

  10. I absolutely LOVE the color of that skirt! I haven't been to Forever 21 in a long time, but perhaps I can stop there over my lunch break. I really like tights and leggings from We Love Colors. There are SO many options, and they definitely have sizes long enough for me. (I'm 5'10", which a ridiculously long inseam.) I'm looking into some bright red tights, as well as some emerald green ones.

  11. these cat-eye sunglasses look great on you and i love the green skirt!

    cute & little

  12. The only reason I remember how to spell Everdeen is because it makes me think of evergreen, lol. Is that weird?

  13. haha. your so cute. I love that skirt by the way! So adorable!!


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