Monday, December 9, 2013

i personally think ugly can be cute...


ugly christmas t-shirt: c/o Skip 'N Whistle / shorts: Forever 21 /
tights: We Love Colors / wellies: Hunter Boots this ugly christmas sweater t-shirt! i told Ryan i was going to wear it to our youth group's ugly christmas sweater party this week, and he said but it's cute! true but it's still ugly...right?! but seriously, i love this tee and has become a Christmas staple. how could it not? and those non-traditional dinos kill me! 

aside from rocking ugly christmas sweaters and attending an upcoming Christmas party, i'm checking things off of my Christmas to-do list one after the other and feeling more ahead of them game than past Christmases. i think part of this has to do with trying to get things done earlier this year especially since i made it a personal goal to truly enjoy and celebrate the Christmas season with Ryan and with family and friends and not to get so easily distracted or stressed by the everything that seems to try to distract and stress me out this time of the year.

instead of letting those things bear down on me, i've found joy in the moments...

...sharing a cup of holiday coffee drinks at Starbucks with a friend.
...designing and mailing out our Christmas cards.
...decorating the apartment for the holiday season.
...counting the blessings of loved ones that we can give gifts too.
...savoring the words of traditional Christmas songs. 
...quiet evening conversations with my husband by the Christmas tree.
...indulging in cookie pizza on the living room.
...reading through the Christmas story, not just on Christmas day.

hope everybody has a fabulous beginning of the week!
wear that ugly Christmas sweater or those obnoxious Christmas light earrings.
indulge in a peppermint mocha (or two!) with your best girlfriend.
blast All I Want for Christmas is You super loud while wrapping presents.
find joy today and all season long, friend.

much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}


  1. You look awesome in this! Love the boots and shorts and tights, it makes the tee look like perfection, "ugly" and all:) I am working on getting things done in a more timely manner this year as I don't enjoy the holidays as much with a to do list. Must. Remember. This.

  2. Haha I agree with Ryan- there ain't nothin' ugly about that tee!! LOVE! :)


  3. i am one of the same people "its so ugly its cute!" "i think thats kind of ugly but i kind of want it at the same time!" hahaha. love this! great tee!

  4. Ha, I actually think it's adorable! The print is so nerdy that it makes it cute. And paired with those rain boots, this outfit is perfect!

  5. i wish i could have a peppermint mocha with you!!!!!! :(

  6. That tee is really adorable, sweetie and you look so cute! Happy Holidays:) xoxo

  7. I have that same tee, but in blue. I got it last year at the very last minute, so they didn't have any green left :-( I still love it though..I love dinosaurs :-)

  8. I have an "ugly" Christmas shirt that I LOVE! and you inspired me to wear it today! P.S. Those Hunter boots are perfect.

    (Be sure to check out my $100 Visa Givaway)

    Makeover With Aspen

  9. Seriously, you're too cute! Cheers to the holiday season!

  10. awww! such a unique outfit-post! you go, girl! way to be creative :) Heart of Chic

  11. I saw someone wearing that same shirt at the show I did this weekend! It's toooootally cute! ;] xo JA

  12. You look so sweet and that sweater is adorable! x

  13. You look so cute Ilene seriously!

    And thank you for the book rec, I added it to my Goodreads! I did finish Allegiant. I really enjoyed it and thought the ending was really realistic, although it did make me cry. I can't wait for the Divergent movie to come out!

  14. i have so many things to say! first...the title of this post, i may have giggled. also, the first happy might want to add "with a church choir singing behind you"...unless of course said friend is not me....haha

    ok and up all your good stories for our 4-hour road trip. hollllaaaaaa

  15. Yay for the little things! And Ryan has a point: way to cute to be and ugly sweater!:)

  16. oh I LOVE that tshirt. so adorable! the dinos, the fake cross stitch...there is nothing ugly about it.


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