Saturday, December 21, 2013

happy birthday, daddy!


thankfulness is not a big enough word to describe how i feel for this man today. today is the day we celebrate his birthday but it's more than that for our family - it's a day where we remember how good we have it to call this man our father.

i cannot remember a time where i look back and daddy was not there for me. ever since that first jump into the deep end of the pool or jumping the big waves at hunting island's beaches, i have always known that he would be there to catch me. or when he taught me how to ride my bike and i was too afraid to pedal, i knew he would be there for me. and when he dropped me off to college and hugged me so tight like he'd never let me go, i knew he would still be there for me even if there were miles between us.

and i know that not every daughter can say this. my father is the kind of man that is a rarity these days. which only makes my heart swell even more with gratefulness.

this man is the first man i ever loved. the first man to hold my hand. the first man to tell me I was beautiful. the first man to always encourage me to pursue my dreams. the first man to point me to Jesus. thank you for being the best daddy a girl could ever have. i love you so much!

much love.
{happy birthday, daddy!}