Thursday, December 12, 2013



sweater: forever 21 / jeans: american eagle / boots: belk / necklace: c/o le mode accessories / watch: c/o feral watches / lipstick: nars heatwave 

eating: too many sweets. wait, i take that back. no such thing as too much especially during this time of the i right? but for reals, i've been craving me lots of sweets as of late. (no, i'm not pregnant. it's the holidays and that time of the month. yeah, tmi.) i just made this and i keep making excuses to go to the kitchen to nit-pick at it. heaven in my mouth. 

reading: people, i was in such a reading funk for awhile. seems to have been hitting me a lot lately this year. i think i've just been so exhausted at night that i haven't been able to keep my eyelids open long enough to enjoy a  book; however i finished Unearthly by Cynthia Hand last week. oh,, so, so good. the kind of good where you have to find time in between your every day life (while brushing your teeth or washing the dishes or while waiting in line at the grocery store) to read just a few more pages. if any of you remember me gushing about Hush, Hush awhile back, this is right around that sort of goodness. and i'm not the biggest fan of angel fiction but the story line and the writing is excellent! 

listening to: lots of Christmas music. duh.

wearing: this festive green necklace from my friends over at Le Mode Accessories. i have been a long time fan of Le Mode so pretty much anything from their shop makes me swooooon. this necklace is a particular favorite 'cause it def gets me in the Christmas spirit. it add the perfect holiday touch to any outfit. and these pictures are just a sneak peek from an upcoming Le Mode Accessories collab post we have coming up! so stay tuned!

watching: life's been so busy that our DVR has backed up with too many shows that i was forced to delete a lot of them 'cause i didn't have time to watch them all but i did make time to catch up on a couple of shows. i did enjoy watching The Sing-Off. the newest filipino boyband, FilHarmonix were just adorable and i can't wait to see what they bring next week! and i can't wait for this week's Parenthood. that show kills me and Ryan every time. and last but not least, crossing my fingers that Alex and Sienna pull it in for the win for Xfactor - they are just the cutest! 

thinking about: the future. with a new year ahead of us, there are some transitions happening in our lives that both excite and make me a little nervous...but i am def more excited to see what the new year holds. growing up a military child, change has never scared me too much - often times, i'm more than ready for change if things have been at a standstill for too long. lots of prayers always appreciated! 

looking forward to: tonight's end of the year party with our church group (think Ugly Christmas Sweater Party meets Laser Tag - yes!!!). celebrating mine and Ryan's one year anniversary (yippee!!!). spending Christmas with my family (woohoo!!!). so many, many good things!!!!!! 

post inspired by Sometimes Sweet. feel free to post your own currently post in the comment section below - i'd love to read them! 

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}


  1. What does your ugly Christmas sweater look like? I've always wanted to go to one of those! And you look gorg lady!

  2. Happy almost anniversary! And I'm totally rooting for Alex & Sierra too! I'm definitely buying their first cd :)

  3. You are beautiful, friend! I don't think I've ever seen someone look that amazing in a ponytail.

  4. Great sweater and your necklace is amazing - it totally makes your outfit!

  5. I have to say, you have great taste in TV/movies! I looove Parenthood (so glad it's back tonight!) and I've also been loving The Sing-Off, too!

    p.s. LOVING your hair! I was looking at your bangs and ponytail combo with envy. It's my go-to hairstyle and girl you rock it way better than I do. :)

  6. Oh my gosh I could not believe last night's Parenthood. I don't want to wait till January to find out what happens!

  7. I always agree with your books reviews, so I'll be adding Unearthly to my list.

  8. Cute necklace! I'm pretty sure I've eaten my weight's-worth in chocolate chip cookie bars so it must just be that time of year! ;)

    I've heard Divergent is good, though I feel like you must have read it already. Also The Grand Sophy is a rip-roaring read if you feel like something cutesy, old-fashioned and witty (lots of one-liners and one hilarious female character).

    Merry Christmas!

  9. I'm excited for your transitions!

    Also, my ponytail only looks this good when it's 11pm and I throw it up blindly to go to bed. When I put effort in, it's a lost cause!

  10. I love that necklace on you, sweetie:) And I totally agree, there is no such thing as too many sweets:) Muah, lovely.

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