Tuesday, November 12, 2013

these leaves though.

 sweater: JCPenney / jeans: Aeropostle /scarf: H+M / backpack: c/o Lulus / boots: c/o Blowfish Shoes 

whew. life has been one big whirlwind - and it's not even the holidays yet. well, i guess it depends on your perspective of when the holiday season officially starts. seems like it started way before Halloween even began in the stores or on all the tv commercials. and i have to admit, i myself have been feeling the temptation of decorating the apartment and playing the Christmas music. 

resist, ilene. resist. 

but praise Jesus, we live in the south. i heard my friends and family up north are already facing below freezing temperatures and have been greeted with snow. i am so sorry. and as much as i miss Chicago, that is probably one of the reasons that keeps my heart content with living here in Georgia.

like i said, these leaves though. 
insert much deserved applause to God here. 

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}


  1. wow, these leaves are so beautiful! i love your scarf and the studded backpack!

    cute & little

  2. Those boots are TOO cute!


  3. yes it snowed yesterday and while it was beautiful, I was not quite ready for the snow. I hope that you are enjoying the beautiful weather that I am sure your having. And your outfit is adorable!

  4. Wow these pictures are gorgeous! I love the colors, and you are beautiful! I too am in love with the Fall season and all the colors that come with it :)


  5. Seriously it is cold here and our fireplace just broke. Uncool. I need to move down with you!

    I told Iz I want to pull the Christmas stuff out. Not to put up but just to get out so that we're ready!

  6. Our leaves are gone. It snowed yesterday! I am ecstatic.

  7. You look beautiful, as always! It has been freeeeeezing in Chicago lately (there is snow in the ground already - Ugghh) but I am resisting the urge too. :)

  8. Chicago is miserable. Enjoy Georgia!

  9. It's getting pretty chilly here as well. I love your photos...the autumn leaves are so pretty and you look totally adorable:) Muah

  10. ooooh love those shoes! i really should start practicing my boho chic, top knot and red lipstick for saturday...i'm going to try and actually dress for the weather this time :)

  11. this is a very great look, the backpack is so fun :)

    hope you are having a good w/e. and thanks for your beautiful post on the Philippines. that is such a tragedy and I'm so sorry that you know people from there. They have definitely been in my thoughts and hearts are heavy :(

  12. YES, those leaves are just so pretty!! Love your whole outfit!! I finally bought myself a pair of booties, now I just need to get over my fear and wear them so I can look as cute as you!! And don't resist the Christmas spirit, let it out and decorate and play all the Christmas songs to your hearts content!! :) xoxo!!


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