Monday, November 25, 2013

oh, where is my brain this morning?

scarf: H+M  / jacket: c/o oasap / pants: borrowed from my sister / denim button-up: Belk / oxfords: c/o Lulus / lipstick: NARS heatwave / watch: c/o born pretty store

for starters, it's over in the grocery store, thinking about thanksgiving dinner...but most specifically in the aisles that carry the ingredients for my pumpkin pie. love me some turkey and some gravy and some stuffing...but the pumpkin pie with a dollop mound of whip cream? 

that's my JAM, people and i am salivating thinking about it. 

i'm also thinking about how good and full my heart is after this weekend so there isn't much room for sadness and dread that it's monday because i'm looking forward to this week. i love thanksgiving and the food and the fact that ryan will have some time off - and this will be our first married thanksgiving so heck yes, it's a big deal for us weirdo newlyweds who celebrate every monumental date! 

oh and this bright, red kawaii watch is my newest fave accessories. i love the color and the caaaa-ute little bear smiling back at me and the jumble of numbers floating up that side of it. i also have a soft spot of asian products writing things out in english that make no sense - partly because i lived in japan for almost four years and it brings me back, but also because i think its just hilarious and random. (psst! want one of your own? use coupon code ILENEBC10 off of your order!)

and last but not least (wait for it), my mind is still relishing, doing cartwheels, and causing me to hyper-ventilate on various, random moments throughout my day as i think about Catching Fire. if you follow me on instagram (or you might have unfollowed me due to my Hunger Games spam), you know how much over the moon i was for that movie.

i hate movie spoilers, so i will not spoil it for those that have not seen it yet. but seriously, people, get your butt over to the movies NOW and see it. best book adaption ever and believe it or not, better than the first one (which Ryan could not believe i even said that since the first one was pretty much perfection in my eyes). 

so um, yes...evidently, my mind is one big monday mush. raise your coffee mug 'cause here's to the oncoming slaughter of more monday mushes as the holiday season picks up.

and i love it.

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}

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  1. I seriously CANNOT wait to see the new Catching Fire movie. I hope to go over thanksgiving! I hope that you have a great week and that you have a great time with your family and friends. you are a blessing to me and always an encouragement and your blogs make me smile! <3

  2. Yippeeeeeee for the movie......I can't WAIT to see it today and now I love your watch as much as you do!


  3. The second movie is better than the first? Now I realllly have to go see it. I am seriously in love with all of this Hunger Games hype---even if it is killing me that I have yet to see it! :)

  4. Cute jacket!! And I cannot waaaaait to see Catching Fire!! :) It's my fave book of the trilogy, so I'm thinking the movie will be phenom.


  5. AHHHH your catching fire spam LOVED IT. and that movie oh my gosh.
    you're really cute in these photos, and i just love you so much.


  6. I am totally checking out that film and your watch is the cutest:) What a gem! xoxo

  7. Gah I love love love this outfit Ilene. And I am so ready for Thanksgiving, we just got our turkey today and I want to eat NOW.

  8. Catching Fire was AMAZING. I can't believe how pretty the leaves still are in GA. Enjoy that long time autumn you guys get!

  9. those shoes, and watch are just to die! looooove! you look so cute!

  10. I've already been to the movie theatre TWICE to watch Catching Fire, and I totally agree with you. Better than the first. And followed the letter of the book so closely!!!! It was a breathtaking film! Happy Monday!

    A Silver Snapshot

  11. Your shoes are so cute! and I feel you haha I lose my brain ALL the time. The hubby and I watched Catching Fire last night and I only cried 5 times haha but I loved it

    Makeover With Aspen

  12. Gorgeous as always! Love the jacket and shoes. And yay for thanksgiving week!

  13. I totally agree. I thought the book to movie adaptation was fantastic. The casting is perfect. And I loved it more than the first one! How is that even possible?

  14. the watch, rolled up pants, leather jacket, darling look!

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