Sunday, November 3, 2013


  jacket: c/o Lulu's / hoodie (east coast): c/o Albion Fit / jeans: American Eagle / sneaker wedges (tugo): c/o Blowfish Shoes 

dear weekend. as always you come and go so quickly but it was a full and good one, so i really can't complain. i was with my husband for all of it; therefore, it was perfect.

dear daylight savings time. apparently, since i have no babies i am supposed to appreciate you more until that day comes. i don't think i've seen more complaints about babies and DST until this weekend! and since i'm such an old lady now, i got up earlier because of the time change. even had time to straighten my hair before church! who have i become?! 

dear leftover halloween candy. i really should just eat you all up in one sitting, right? it's all for a good reason instead of you tempting me at late hours of the night...right? right?!

dear horsetown east. you were definitely a cultural experience for me. cowboy boots. the thick smell of leather. the deepest of southern accents. i know i ain't in Chicago anymore, that's for sure.

dear veronica roth. why?!!!! 

dear tobias. we are officially broken up. i can no longer consider you as one of my book boyfriends. IT. IS. OVER.

dear autumn. the leaves this year are just absolutely breath-taking.

dear adam and christina braverman. you guys are my favorite. (note: i am only in the middle of season 4 - so please, NO SPOILERS!) 

dear break and bake PB cookies in my fridge right now. you are about to be put into the over then into mouth and then into my belly. enjoy the ride.

dear blog readers. i feel like i don't say this enough, but i really do appreciate you so much. the fact that you stop in every day or leave me a blog comment means a whole lot! you continue to inspire me and i love that many of you have become such sweet friends. so thanks.

dear husband. you are so good to me. i love you so much and glad we have forever together. plus it doesn't hurt that you are so stinkin' hot.

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}


  1. this is too cute. love it!
    and the leeeeaavveeesss.


  2. You are so cute. Love the jacket. I for one, definitely appreciated the extra hour as I had a busy weekend of yoga and singing workshops. Also, re: Allegiant.. I KNOW RIGHT? I still love movie!Tobias, though. :)


  3. I loved the time change, woke up in time to make a real breakfast before church!!!

  4. love that outfit!! so adorable. and i totally feel the same way about the weekend and daylightsavings time!!


  5. Dear illy, you are AWESOME and you inspire me. Your smile and your heart for the Lord just make me so happy. And girl, You have some SERIOUS style :) Your stunning and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I have loved watching your blog evolve over the years that I have followed it. Blessings sweet friend!

  6. I need those pb cookies right now! And that jacket. And a double date with you and your hubs!

  7. hahaha i was one of those to complain about DST since i have austin who woke up at 5:15am LOL!!!! yes, APPRECIATE the sleeping in!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  8. Happy Monday! I hope the candy and cookies meet a happy and tasty end! :D

  9. Horsetown is cool. We stop by on our trips from TN to FL. :)

  10. i may have to invest in this hoodie....i adore thumb holes....and you :)

  11. It's funny that you talked about Halloween candy because I was just thinking about which kind I should eat later. :) And yes to the Bravermans. I honestly love them all but I especially loved Adam and Christina last season.

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