Tuesday, October 15, 2013

stripes, oxfords, and an idol named Busyness.

 tee: c/o Skip N Whistle / pants: TJMaxx / infinity scarf: Theorium / oxfords: c/o Lulu*s / lip gloss: Radiant Cosmetics 

i saw this quote on my suh-weet friend's blog this past week: 

We seem to value our time so little, that we find our worth based on how little of it we have. In other words, we've idolized “being busy,” and confused it with being “important.” You can be busy but unimportant, just as you can be important but not busy. 
 ~ source ~

it pretty much hit me square in between the eyeballs.

that is probably 'cause i was just thinking about this very topic - the idolizing of our busyness. and i think there are certainly times when we are legit busy, when we feel like the to-do lists are unending or when everybody needs you so much, you feel like a piece of play dough that cant' stretch much further. then there are other times where we find our identity and wholeness in our busy lives and schedules. 

i remember there was a time back when i first graduated from college, i went through a season where God started stripping off different layers of my identity...from being a college student to having to find my place in the work force. from being an girlfriend to being an ex. from being under the roof of my parents to trying to figure out the adult world on my own. from being in a position of leadership to becoming more of a behind the scenes person. and i found myself in a different season of "busy." it was weird. it was painful. but it was necessary for me so that my identity was not wrapped up in what i did but rather in who i was and am.

so food for thought (and an outfit post) on this tuesday morning.

much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}

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  1. Love this! It's so easy to overwhelm ourselves with too much!


  2. I have to agree. I haven't lived as much as you have, but I have experienced this. I don't go into much detail (as I've posted on my blog) because. well. i just dont.

    but anyway, i love this post so much, and that quote is really quite something.


  3. darn, i mean I haven't lived AS LONG as you have. ;)

  4. So true! Although I'm the least busy person in the world and I LOVE it, I do feel guilty as if that means I'm not accomplishing enough. I am. Just taking my time though.

  5. wow, that quote had the same effect on me so thank you for helping me see this today!
    gorgeous look, you look super cool with brogues and trousers..i always fear I can't pull this look off!

  6. this is so true! i just started reading Kevin DeYoung's new book called "Crazy Busy" and I think it is pretty much right up this alley! i will prob post a book review within the month, so i'll let you know what i learned :)
    xo dilyn

  7. Such a great perspective on being busy..definitely eye opening. Happy Wednesday, friend!

  8. Love those pants girl! and yeah so good to think about how we spend our time and our identity and all of that good stuff. <3

  9. I always love your food for thought posts because they seriously speak straight to my soul. I just graduated college and I was hooked with the post title (love your tee, by the way!) and the first line but was even more hooked when you started talking about post-grad life. I pretty much nodded my head to everything you said--especially the last line in that paragraph. It really is true that we need to base our identity in who we are and who we were (so reminds me of your other post not too long ago!).

    Anyway, sorry for the super loooonnng comment. Thanks for this sweet reminder, girl! :)


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