Thursday, October 17, 2013

sponsor love with Anjolee Jewelry: Celebrity Trends.

today i am excited to introduce you to a long-time supporter and sponsor of this blog, Anjolee Jewelry. you may have them seen them make an appearance on this blog more than a few times. they make a gorgeous variety of jewelry from engagement rings to their popular tennis bracelets (i own one - and LOVE it!). and as a sucker for celebrity news and trends, i am thrilled about their guest post and hope you enjoy it as much as i did. enjoy!


Looking for timeless style? Diamond bracelets are just as timeless now as they’ve ever been.

Celebrities have been seen with diamond bracelets at several events this year. Promoting her new movie Gravity, Sandra Bullock has just been seen on the red carpet wearing a white asymmetrical gown with a diamond circle motif cuff bracelet. Bullock wore the diamond bracelet in a traditional way, but Jennifer Lopez wore diamond bracelets in an interesting new way at the 2013 Grammy’s. The singer layered 3 diamond bracelets with a gold cuff bracelet, and then she repeated the elements by wearing one gold ring with two diamond rings. J. Lo isn’t the only celebrity layering diamond bracelets: at the Met Gala 2013, Jessica Biel omitted all accessories except for 3 Art Deco layered diamond bracelets from the 1920s. Bracelets worn from the 1920s accurately describes how timeless these diamond bracelets are.

Timeless diamond bracelets are great as gifts, too: Josh Duhamel is rumored to have given Fergie a diamond bracelet as a “push present” (a present to her for giving birth to their son, Axl), and in 2012, Beyonce was reported to distrust her friendship with Kim Kardashian when Kim bought a $5,000 pink and white diamond bracelet for Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy, and engraved it with “Love, Auntie Kim.” Diamond bracelets are the hot item among celebrities for gifts and red carpet events.

One of the reasons that diamond bracelets work so well is because fashionistas may have a hard time making a necklace work with an asymmetrical neckline. When you have a dress you can’t wear a necklace with, that doesn’t mean you should go without accessorizing. Some people may choose to accessorize with earrings, but the best way of glamorizing your outfit is by adding a diamond bracelet.

If you’re looking to celebrities as inspiration for Fall 2013 style, you can wear the diamond bracelet simply, or you can choose to layer your diamond bracelets.

what is your favorite celebrity trend to rock this season?

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  1. Those diamond bracelets look beautiful, especially love the last picture. although i haven't kept up with celeb trends lately!

  2. Love the layered diamond bracelet look!

  3. This is so gorgeous! I'd love to try these and they look great on all the celebrities. Thanks for sharing. The bracelets are perfect for an event

    xo from San Francisco & Switzerland


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