Sunday, October 13, 2013


 top: / jeans: GAP / booties: Belk, gift from Mom / camera bag: c/o Jototes / lipstick: NARS Ruby Woo / watch: c/o feral watches 

reading: you know when you pick up and book and you can't put it down? but then when you do put it down, you look for every single, possible moment to pick it back up? yeah, i'm in the middle of ones of those kinds of books and to me, it's one of my favorite feelings ever. i am reading Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson and since i am only half way through it, can't entirely recommend it yet but will def keep you all posted! it is on the eerie side but i think that is why i am easily hooked! i just wanna know what happens!

wearing: this joules top from surfdome is my new favorite top. it's made from sweater like material but then it's super fittered and cozy. the red collar and the stripes are def my fave part of it! and i don't know about you but once the cooler weather hits, i'm on the hunt for new long sleeves tees and sweatshirts like these here to give my wardrobe some autumn updating!

watching: i'm still keeping up with PLL. there was somewhere in season 2 that i hit a lull and was like tell me who the heck A is already?! and didn't know if i could handle anymore of the same drama, but then season 3 picked up and i'm addicted to it all over again. the husband and i are also in the midst of Breaking Bad (no one say anything to me yet! only on season 4 - eeeek!) and then there is The Middle (which hasn't been as funny as i remember it to be...probably since Axel is off to college, it's just not the same) and also digging this season Xfactor (loving the groups so much!). i did see Netflix added a bunch of new seasons of my favorite shows like Parenthood, The Office and The Hart of Dixie so once i find more time (ha!), i'll keep rolling with my tv addiction. and last but not least, TWD starts tonight - YES!

loving: oh i am forever obsessed with anything by JoTotes (if you are not familiar with them, they make gorgeous designer camera bags especially for women photographers). everything they make is of absolute quality. i already own three of their bags and every single one last forever and the colors are as vibrant as they are on the site. i could not stop doing the happy dance when this one came in the mail. just like their other bags, it came with removable padding to protect my camera and lenses - and this color. i swoon.

eating: lots of apples. i especially love the ones from the farmers market that Ryan and i like to go to on Saturday morning. they are so much juicier and bigger than the ones at the grocery store. or maybe it's all in my head but they are just so much better. and once Starbucks brings out caramel apple ciders, i am dead. so so so good. and you can't get it without the whip cream 'cause you need the caramel drizzle. did you hear me? need.

thinking about: how it's nice to be in a place of familiarity. sometimes routines can be boring but with how transitional mine and Ryan's life was for awhile, we both agreed that it's nice to finally be somewhere that's become familiar and for life to have it's own set pace - to know people and to make friends and to have weekly happenings to look forward to. it's especially nice to be able to live this same life alongside Ryan. we looked forward to that for so long, it only makes us more grateful for it.

what about you, friend? what is currently happening in your crazy, God-gifted life? this post was inspired by Danielle of Sometimes Sweet. be sure to include your post and i'd love to check it out.

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}


  1. Oh I've been so obsessed with apples lately too! Thanks for the great inspiration for this post...I did my own tonight :)

  2. Loving this outfit! Can't get enough Jo totes (that mint color is i agree)


  3. I could get that top in five different colors and wear them everyday. Perfect long sleeved tee/sweater.

    And yes... I've been going apple crazy, too.

  4. oh hello gorgeous!!!! i love your top!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  5. Beautiful!! I love the hue of your JoTotes bag!!

  6. AH I love Jo Totes too! They are fab!
    Cute outfit. LOVE the stripes. =)

  7. Just found your blog it is so cute! You are beautiful and I love your style!
    Ashley | Raspberry Glow

  8. I'm thinking about....our next coffee date (which sounds way creepier than it actually is) :)

    and I too am LOVING the middle! Best show around!

  9. i love the little red collar on this shirt! and i'm eating apples like crazy right now too!

    cute & little
    Join the Color Brigade!

  10. Oh boy, that top looks so comfy and adorable! Happy Tuesday, sweetie. xoxo

  11. I've been eating a ton of apples too. Did you know they're supposed to make your teeth whiter?

  12. Hi! Been following your blog for a while :) Love it! and love your currently posts! I love getting ideas of what to read next. May have to pick up Name of the Star now :)
    I did a currently post too -


  13. i am obsessed with PLL and just got caught up to season 4 so far.... i feel like I am FAR TOO OLD for the show but oh man. so good.

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