Thursday, September 19, 2013

taking stock.

~ Ryan has been growing this watermelon all summer long. i called it his (other) baby 'cause of all the care and attention he gave it. he cut it from its vine this week so we plan to celebrate the last of summer by indulging in the (literal) fruit of his labor. yum! ~

Making : lots of new headbands and accessories for the shop and for the upcoming Holiday Bazaar i signed up for in November. eeek! 

Cooking : nothing today because Ryan and i are having dinner with some new friends tonight.

Drinking : pumpkin spice lattes (finally!).

Reading: just finished Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay...which i thought was exceptionally good (the last sentence gave me goosebumps!) but heads up for younger or more sensitive readers that it is a little bit on the raw on content and has quite a bit of language. and so since i just finished that, i picked up Eleanor and Park from the library. i've heard mixed reviews on it - so we'll see which side of the fence i end up on. i'm giddy to start it!

Wanting: iPhone 5c in green, please. (birthday count down continues...)

Looking: at my computer screen.

Playing: Bejweled Blitz on my tablet. i'm addicted. it's my new Candy Crush.

Wasting: paper napkins. i am working on not using too many at the same time. bad habit.

Sewing: refer to top of the list under making.

Wishing: to cut my hair super short (posh-spice length or even a pixie cut). 

Enjoying: the cool, crisp fall weather. 

Waiting: for noon when Ryan comes home and we can have lunch together. 

Liking: this new black nail polish by Sally Hansen i've been wearing all week - it lasts forever! 

Wondering: what God has in mind the future.

Loving: my husband more and more every day.

Hoping: that season 4 of Parenthood gets onto Netflix already - and that they bring back Felicity. 

Marveling: the goodness of God. 

Needing: to sit down and write already. not blog-writing, not journal-writing, not to-do list writing...but rather writing-writing. all you writers know what i mean. 

Smelling: hair products. 

Wearing: jeans again. 

Following: too many blogs. 

Noticing: anything plaid. 

Knowing: a huge spoiler of PLL that i am still trying to get over as i watch season one.

Thinking: about a handful of short stories i need to write down. 

Feeling: creative and inspired.

Bookmarking: the Writer's Handbook for 2014 

Opening: a new box of Honey Bunches of Oats cereal 

Giggling: over inside jokes between me and Ryan. 

Feeling: pretty darn good. 

discovered this fun post idea from Sydney who found it via Pip! if you join in the fun, include your list in the comments - i'd love to read it. and remember: be sure to soak up every last bit of summer but be sure to usher and welcome in fall with some apple cider or a psl! 

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}


  1. I want the new iPhone in the coral-ish color. Can't wait to see what you think of Eleanor & Park. I absolutely loved it and can see myself reading it again and again.

  2. Ha! You are the second blogger that I follow that has posted this today! And I'll be posting mine later this afternoon. Funny.

  3. Whoa, wait...Felicity is gone from Netflix? That show was on my to-watch list!!

  4. What a fun post! so glad that you are enjoying life and finding joy in the small things! those watermelons are awesome!

  5. you grow watermelon!??!!? that is soo awesome!! send me some!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. Bejeweled Blitz is a BILLION times better than Candy Crush! It's definitely less maddening! :) Tetris Blitz is a lot of fun, too.

    And of course I want to do this list, but I did the currently one already and not much has changed from that.... ;)

    anywhere is

  7. dislike iphone 5C .. I will rather grab some colorful cases :)

  8. I definitely want to hear how the watermelon turns out! It's giant! My mom grew some water melon this year, but they're only little.

  9. I'm playing along with 'Taking Stock' on my blog!

    Thanks for the fun idea :)

  10. I loved this post! I might need to try this! I too have felt the need to write to write, in all areas; blog, journal, and for my classes! Hoping you are well!!:)

  11. WOW!! Great looking watermelon!! :)
    This is such a cute little list!!

  12. Too many things to comment on!
    -that watermelon!!!! Go Ryan!!
    -don't you dare chop that beautiful hair!!!
    -I'm so excited for parenthood to start up in a week!!
    -I love non-cooking nights!
    -COME VISIT!!!

  13. Although I love your long dark hair, I say cute your hair short. I can totally picture it Posh-style. I chopped my hair off in the summer and I really liked it. It was a huge change but now I'm ready to start growing it back.

  14. LOVE this! And totally loved doing it! Thanks friend.


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