Tuesday, September 3, 2013

lay-boar da-hay weak-und.

~ we found Waldo! ~ 

~ loved meeting this adorable Boston Terrier, Mirabelle, and the author of her children's books based on all her adventures ~ 

Margaret (my mother-in-law) asked me to join her for a Saturday outing to the AJC Decatur Book Festival. at first, we didin't know what to expect but when we got there, we knew we made the right decision in how to spend our Saturday morning. the festival was stretched beyond street after street, lined with the cutest of restaurants and locally owned shops (i plan to go back with Ryan very soon so we can actually explore and eat at these fantastic places!). the booths filled with independent authors and shelves of books from various publishers - there were even a few handmade artists promoting their work. 

it was really an inspiring place for me. i loved being able to talk to the different authors who were very passionate about their work and their characters (which they should be!). our tote bag was filled to the brim of bookmarks, business cards and fun little trinkets to promote these authors. there were even several booths for the High Art Institute and theaters surrounding the Atlanta area. as i am still new to this area, i am clueless to what is around so i was super excited to find out about these places! 

i really don't even need to comment on this after our pitiful loss on our first game of the season saturday night (why do the dawgs have to break our hearts ever season?!!). Ryan says he is planning to ditch the bulldawgs and root only for the Falcons. either way, i love me some football season. i love the rivalries. i love the nachos and all the good finger foods. i love screaming till i lose my voice as they make those touchdowns (or when the bulldawgs do...). and hey, Aaron Murray isn't too bad to look at it. just sayin'.

some of our very good friends from Chicago spent the day with us yesterday. we got the chance to grab some Mexican food at Pablano's (one of mine and Ryan's weekly favorites!) and then we did lots of catching up on each other's lives and laughing about old memories. Ryan (yup, Josie is married to a Ryan, too!) and Josie are headed overseas for full-time ministry within the next month, so our time was very bittersweet since we really do not know when is the next time we will all get to see each other again. we are very excited to see what God does in their lives and through their lives! it's times spent like yesterday that make us so thankful for friendships.

we took this picture during the beginning of the weekend, so excited to have the next three days to spend together. and it was such a sweet weekend - with each other, family and good friends. and maybe more naps than necessary especially with all the rain we got in Atlanta. and my freaking goodness, i love this man so much. it's crazy that we are about to hit our 9 month of marriage this month and i couldn't be more grateful for grateful for him. holiday weekends are even better with this guy.

hope you're labor day weekend was just as grand, good people! 
what did you do? fill me in! 

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}


  1. Nine months?!! It flew by!

    You guys are just so stinkin cute together.

  2. The books and the Waldo is way too cute! Looks like you had such a great weekend love!

  3. Places I recommend in Decatur.

    - Yogurt Tap [family owned...made in house yogurt...all the toppings you could dream of]
    - Leon's Full Service
    - Brick Store Pub [huuuuuge beer selection]
    - Chai Pani [pretty new...oh so so good]
    - Farm Burger [local beef...awesome burger specials...garlic fries....adult root beer floats]
    - Hola! [portions are large and tasty...get the guacamole!]
    - No. 246
    - Revolution Doughnuts [you gotta get their fast--they sell out!]
    - Twain's [I looove their chicken and waffles]

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  5. wow I cannot believe you have been married almost 9 months! so crazy! glad that you had a great weekend and that you were able to see some old friends! Have a blessed rest of your week!

  6. Oh man, my kid would be so jealous that you got to meet mirabele! We read three of his books at least once a day!

    And you two are the cutest married couple. :)

  7. FUN. I wish I had had the weekend off so I could have had a little bit of fun.

  8. ALL THOSE BOOKS!!!! Sounds like it was a lovely weekend for you!! :)

  9. girl, looks like you are just having an amazing end of summer!
    Sandy a la Mode


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