Sunday, September 15, 2013

i confess.

 hoodie dress: c/o Boxie Tees / watch: c/o Feral Watches / booties: c/o Blowfish Shoes / bag: Belk / lipstick (park): Radiant Cosmetics 

i confess // i don't understand all of the rules of football, but i love the game. i love screaming and cheering until my throat hurts. i love the goofy commercials. i love the rivalries. and i think i mention this often, but i love the football food.

i confess // this hoodie dress is probably never leave my body this season. so if you come to my house and i'm wearing this to bed and around the house or as i head out to run errands, don't be shocked. it's that comfy and that incredible. don't say you weren't warned. fuh reals, yo.

i confess // i attempted the bang braid last week...and um, yeah. it was bad. i might have to leave bang-braiding and any sort of fancy braiding to the pros. will stick with the normal three-strand one (and even that one needs a load of help).

i confess // i bought a pair of harem pants the other day - with a cool houndstooth print and everything. i rocked them around the house all morning, tried them with just about every pair of shoes i owned....even did a couple of lunge stretches in them to see really how comfortable they were. and they were comfortable. and they made me feel sassy. and made me feel complete in my fashion-bloggingness...but i wasn't feeling it. so i returned them - tags, receipt and all - and felt much better. end of story.

i confess // as much as i love Carrie Underwood (and as the greatest pair of legs in the world, oh em gee), i have to say that Faith Hill's version to the opening song of Sunday Night Football has her beat.

i confess // i have listened to Royals (by Lorde) an unhealthy amount of times. the obsession with this song continues. i might have jammed my "on repeat" button on my ipod.

i confess // i met this girl last week and i want to be her best friend...or her taste-tester. once you see her instagram, you'll want to be her best friend, too. you are welcome.

what do you confess?
*post inspired by my dear friend, Ashley who has the best 'confession' posts around*

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}

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  1. and you're adorable as always! and I'm with you on the braid thing... I don't know if its my thick hair or what but I just can't do the dainty little braids. They get totally lost in my wild big hair!

    PS... LOVE Feral Watches!!! Seriously they are amazing! and so is that dress!

  2. SAME about how i feel about football. just something soooo. awesome about sitting down and just enjoying a game.

    i sort of have to disagree with you on the Carrie Underwood SNF song. I absolutely LOVE her, and when I figured out that she sang it, gosh. i think it's the best ever. (though I did like the Faith Hill one, too)


  3. Love the dress!! Time for you guys to visit so we can have you and Ryan over for some football madness!!!

  4. I know few who can pull off the harem pants. Actually, I don't know any. I would have done the same.

  5. We were talking about the Underwood vs Hill just last night.. and it was interesting to hear the mr. say that while the first may be younger the latter is still hotter.

    I love that song!

    I understand some football.. the mr. has already recruited the toddler and is slowly converting him into a fan.. but I'm still not interested.

  6. That dress looks so cozy and adorable:) The perfect autumn piece. Muah, lovely.

  7. I confess I'm starting to love football because of my new obsession with Friday Night Lights!

  8. well, i don't understand ANY rules concerning football, so you've got me beat lol....

    p.s. love your nails! Perfect for fall!! xoxo

  9. too bad the pants did not work out. I hope that you have a great rest of your night!

  10. Carrie Underwood has THE BEST legs!!!!!

  11. awww shout out what what!!

    i was about to tell you that you are not allowed to have any more best friends but then I clicked on her instagram and I want to be her friend too!

    Maybe one Saturday instead of meeting for Kroger coffee I can come over and not understand football too in my hoodie dress. ;)

  12. I confess, those boots are amazing! I listen to Royals all the time to, along with Roar and applause. You look beautiful friend!

  13. That Royals song is pretty awesome. I need to go ahead and buy it! There's a new Katy Perry one out that I like too, not Roar, but one newer than that. I did buy that one.

    I did a confessions post. :) It's right here if you wanna see it.

    Have a good Friday!


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