Sunday, September 8, 2013

forgot about these guys.

 dress: Belk / vest: Forever 21 / watch: Fossil / booties: Kim Rogers, Belk (gift from mom) / clutch:  c/o Le Mode Accessories 

so these black booties have been in the back of my closet for the past couple years. i completely forgot about them. my mom bought them for me not this past christmas, but the christmas before. i wore them a few times during the winter months but then as this often happens to me, they found their way to the back of the closet. it wasn't until i moved to GA (way back in January of this year) did i locate them in the deep, dark places of my closet in a yellow Forever 21 bag. then during the move, they got stacked in the back of our walk-in closet and (gulp) i forgot about them until i did some re-organizing of my closet last week. 

while browsing through some blogs and magazines, i found myself being drawn to all the ankle booties making their appearances for fall. i even tried on a couple pairs while out running errands, but then was like wait, a minute. these guys feel familiar. so once again, i ran back into the darkest corners of my closet and there these guys were, almost greeting me with finally, you remembered us! we hugged until i slipped them onto my feet like cinderella and her glass slipper.

goes to show you: don't be quick to toss away clothes or accessories or shoes. you never know if they'll come back in style...and as history often repeats itself (even in fashion), it most likely will. 

fashion is so weird.

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}


  1. Beautiful outfit friend! and yes its so fun to find things that we forgot we had :)

  2. such a cutie. love this!


  3. Love them, such a good find!!!


  4. Talk about a fabulous find in your own closet!! They're adorable... gotta love mom's too right?

  5. thats so funny, i just pulled out a pair of shoes yesterday that i had totally forgotten about (black booties too!)..and they are awesome! i am loving your hair, btw.

  6. So true! Which is why I'm a hoarder. love those boots.

  7. those black booties are soo cute!! i can't wait to start wearing booties, but it's still like 100 degrees out!

    Sandy a la Mode

  8. Loving this outfit! Makes me want to dust off my little black booties :)

  9. That happens to me all the time. I'll buy something and I won't wear for months because I don't like it and then one day I'll just change my mind. love this outfit.


  10. Yes!! That's an awesome story--I know that feeling of discovering something amazing in your wardrobe that you temporarily forgot about. You look great!

    The Random Writings of Rachel

  11. I've had this happen so many times with my clothes! Gotta clean it out every so often cause otherwise I really do forget what I already have. :) These ankle boots are so cute on you!

    cute & little
    Vote for my YOUphoria outfit!


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