Tuesday, September 10, 2013


 top: c/o Boxie Tees / shorts: GAP / booties (tugo): c/o Blowfish Shoes / headband: c/o Sweetnessaboos / lips: MAC Ruby Woo 

reading: finally, finally, finally finished the last book in the Infernal Devices series (the prequel to The Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare). Clockwork Princess. and there is not a series that i could recommend more. i personally think it's way better than the MI series. i just found it more fast paced and i fell more in love with these characters and the story line. and the only reason that it took me forever to finish is that i started reading it at the beginning of this craaaazy busy summer but really had not got a chance to finish until last week. but for reals, so good. and i started a new book that a friend recommended that i am enjoying but to be honest, still holding my breath to see if i'm really gonna really love it before i recommend it...but i'll keep you posted! 

watching: okay, so i was mega bummed over the weekend. i finally started Felicity but then Netflix pulled the plug on it...so i unfortunately, did not even get to finish the first season. but there is a good side: so many people had been recommending Pretty Little Liars. i avoided it for forever 'cause i hate super freaky shows - and the commercials always looked freaky to me...but since Felicity was taken away (waaaah!) i thought i'd give PLL...and now - why did i even start?! WHO IS A?! and it didn't help at all waking up in the middle of the night last night, imagining that A was in the darkest corner of our bedroom! no more PLL before bed, but you can bet i'm gonna keep watching to find out who this person is?! 

loving: the new iPhones that were released, particularly the 5C 'cause i really want that green one. it pretty much was calling my name. i have a blackberry (or like one of my friends call it, a crackberry) and in need of an upgrade next month which so happens to be my birthday month. so yeaaah, i am very late to the game. never owned an iPhone...so maybe this is my year, people. so until then, i'll wipe this drool from my mouth and hope i get one of these in my hands for my birfday (ahem, Ryan? mommy? daddy? santa?). 

wearing: this cozy pullover from my sweet friends at Boxie Tees. the temps are def not screaming autumn around here yet, but i was able to wear it when the temps dropped slightly yesterday evening - but come autumn, i know i will be pulling this bad boy out of my closet on many occasions. it's oh so comfy for evening walks or weekend outings. (don't forget there is a Boxie Tees giveaway happening on the blog this week - as well as a generous discount! check it out here!)

enjoying: RUNNING! who would have thunk, right? i have never enjoyed running. even during all the years in gymnastics, i hated...hated...hated having to do laps of any sorts. in college, i didn't get into a routine of any sort of exercising until later during my junior year and even then, i stuck to the elliptical, stationary bike and treadmills (which ever was available at the gym, really). but since i started running this summer and making it a part of my week, i have started to look forward to it - the feel of my feet hitting the pavement, the music pounding in my ears and the welcomed morning breeze running along with me. who am i?! and like people have been telling me for years, there really is nothing like a runner's high. best.thing.ever.

listening: Royals by Lorde has been on repeat on my ipod - but also whenever it comes on the radio, it's one of those songs that i love to turn up the volume mega loud. also been loving JT's newest, Take Back the Night and Roar by Katy Perry (which is an awesome running song btw!). 

eating: lots of apples, especially these big, juicy honey crisp ones from the farmer's market. it might be my way of trying to egg summer on and bring in some autumn goodness. okay, maybe not. okay, maybe really. autumn, get your butt over here already.

rejoicing: over how i'm done writing all of my wedding thank you notes. i really didn't hate it as much as people said i might...but it does feel really good to have them all made (yup, i'm crazy - i made every single one), stamped and mailed out the door. woohoo! 

what have you been up to lately, friend? write up a currently post like this and include it in the comments below so i can check it out! and as always thanks to Danni for the inspiration behind this post! 

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}


  1. LOVE reading your posts!
    I finally did a mini-one this week to try and catch up!


  2. oh I love your lately posts... and that shirt is fantastic!! and your boots... gosh I love Blowfish Shoes!!

    PS... totally impressed you made all your thank you notes!! nice work friend!

  3. those new iphones are SWEET! nuts that you made all your wedding thank you notes. thats impressive girl :) But I would expect nothing less from a beautiful, crafty girl like your self :) Will have you to check out that show called Felicity. Just wish I had more time on my hands to watch tv :)

  4. I am currently enjoying season2 of Revenge on Netflix .. Waiting for walking dead new season so badly :(

  5. I wish you could run on over to my house for a play date with Jack!

  6. Okay maybe I should read the Infernal Devices. I wasn't a huge fan of the Mortal Instruments... in fact I think I only read the first 2 books. But you and I are such book twins, how could I not?

  7. Oooh, I'm so ready for autumn too! bring on the boots! ;)

  8. WATCHING: I was the same about PLL until a couple months ago! Now I am obsessed! I currently love Lie to Me. It is about a company that specializes in telling if people are lying! Ekk

    READING: All different blogs, blog guides, etc. I am just getting into the blogging world and am trying to absorb all there is out there (too much lol).

    LISTENING: To Gala Darling's audio book. http://galadarling.com/static/love-sequins-podcast
    They are awesome. All about self-love and being absolutely happy!

    **Also I love Royals by Lorde. There is just something exciting about that song!

    Try some of these songs:
    Heads Will Roll- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Bad Girls- M.I.A.
    Starships- Nicki Minaj
    Fireball- DEV

    These are in my playlist called Starlistic. I love to workout to it.

    CHANGING: homes. I am moving this weekend. I have books, boxes, and suitcases of clothes all over. Such a joyful happy mess of clutter. :)

    DOING: Working 12 hour shifts. :/ But get three day weekends. Woo woo.

    My just started blog.^^

  9. Hi! Have you read The Hunger Games? I really enjoy those books. And I LOVE Divergent as well. I've not read any of Cassandra Clare's work. Did you go see The Mortal Instruments?

    I just did a post inspired by this one. :)

    http://anywhere-is.net/2013/09/13/currently-2 if you're interested. :)

  10. How funny that you mentioned just finish the prequel series to Mortal Instruments when I've just started the first book! I might try the first book in that series next, because City of Bones just isn't quite doing it for me.
    Yet oddly enough, I found myself loving the movie. It has plenty of problems, but by going into it in good humor with a friend, I enjoyed myself. I may be buying it on DVD.
    I'm having a bit of an apple thing myself, except with fuji apples. Hey, I heard the apple crop is looking good this year. Apple picking in late September, yes?

  11. Ah, Pretty Little Liars is probably the only show I haven't managed to get sucked into via Netflix, but I have a feeling it's coming soon!

    I just put up my "Currently" post for the month of September :) http://simplybeffie.blogspot.com/2013/09/currently-september.html


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