Monday, August 26, 2013

so it happened...

our baby sister. the last of the Gamboa girls. little Bethie (my nickname for her for years). last Tuesday, she packed everything but the kitchen fridge and made the big trip to Chicago. and don't you worry - the whole gaggle of us came along for this ride - my parents (of course) Peyton, my other sister, her husband Ryan, baby Lux, and their dog, Alexio...and on their way up north, they made a quick trip to Atlanta to pick me up on the way. (sadly, my Ryan couldn't come with us 'cause of work but he got the chance to see her off Tuesday morning when they picked me up.)

~ the view from Ashley's dorm room. jealous much? ~ 

we didn't get to Chicago till about 3 in the morning (it was a 19 hour roadtrip total), but we were all up and ready to get out of bed early Wednesday morning, excited to help Ashley with her big move in. we arrived on campus - everything so exciting and surreal. it also felt a bit of de ja vu for Kristine, my parents and me - as Kristine and i are alumni of Moody Bible Institute. (has it really been 11 years since i stepped foot on this campus as a freshmen?! crazy how time flies!)

 ~ all moved into her dorm room (which turns out to be the same floor i lived on my freshmen and sophomore year). and yes, of course, she brought she brought her one direction swag. no way did she plan to leave her boys home. ~ 

~ and you know i wouldn't let this post go without some sort of gif action // someone is pretty stoked about the top bunk ~ 

~ Ryan helping Ashley set up her new laptop. this picture cracks me up. oh, Ashley. ~ 

~ and of course, Ashley found time to hang out with Baby Lux in the midst of moving in ~ 

later that evening, after we got Ashley and her stuff all settled in, we got a chance to attend the Dedication Service. it was very moving as we had a time of worship and prayer over the new students, the parents, and staff. i remember looking around the room and seeing families lay hands on the shoulders of their students, some parents with tears in their eyes or pride on their faces. it was a wonderful way to end the long day.

~ so proud of these two and excited to see what God will do in their lives in the next 4 years! Tyreesh is a good friend of Ashley and our family - it was super fun to see a familiar face on campus! ~ 

 ~ at the Dedication Service with the Dr. Nyquist, president of MBI ~ 

this is one of my favorite pictures from my week back in Chicago. we took it after we finished setting up her room. (i mean, come on - check out that rocking bed spread?! are we sisters or what? our taste is totally up the same alley.) i love the happiness on both of our faces - the obvious pride on mine and excitement on hers. and i cannot say it enough: i could not be more proud of this girl! world, look out! love you so much, Bethie! 

much love.
{happy Tuesday, friend.}


  1. awww!! What a sweet post!! You + your family are so amazing!! xo

  2. This is awesome! SO exciting for your sister :)

  3. i'm sorry but she's not allowed to be old enough to be in college. i still remember when she was freshly hatched and i met her in the parking lot of the pizza hut - where does the time go?!?!

  4. Aw congrats to your sis! What a view from her dorm! I want that view! :)

  5. What a weekend! Congrats to your sister! That is one sweet view and I love that bedspread. :)

    cute & little

  6. I can't wait to hear how it goes for her, how exciting!


  7. Congrats to her!! Hope she has a great year!!

  8. awww what an exciting time for her!! i love how your family is soo close!!!

  9. it makes me miss college... honestly. i loved school. :)
    your sister will have so much fun!

  10. That looks so exciting! Love the view from her dorm room!!

  11. oh man, it's crazy how time goes. I remember so well when Kristine was leaving for Moody (lindsay was bffs) and now it's baby Ashley! oh my goodness, Lux kills me with her tiny pretty face. sweetest baby ever.

  12. Awww how exciting!!! I bet it was an awesome feeling being back on campus! I always feel so nostalgic when I go back to mine.

  13. aw exciting! i live in chicago -- the best place in the world! much luck to her on an exciting journey! so fun!! she's in for some yummy food! Heart of Chic

  14. How EXCITING! I'll be watching students move in across the street from me this weekend. Makes me feel OLD!

  15. Starting college is so exciting! Glad that you were all able to be with her! That is such a help!

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