Tuesday, August 27, 2013

moody friends. literally and not so literally.

one of the special parts of this trip to Chicago was not only to be with my family during this brand new season of our lives, but i also got a chance to catch up with some of my college and Chicago friends. (and for those of you who don't know, i am an alum of Moody Bible Institute; hence the blog title.)  not to get all soft on you here, but there is something so refreshing for the soul when talking, laughing and hanging out with those people you are blessed to call your friends.  

~ this girl. nora is one of my longest and closest friends from my college days. it's so good to laugh and go crazy with her. we always have a good time. ~ 

~ fro-yo is always our go-to place when we get together. love me pinkberry. ~ 

~ got to catch up with nora's husband, rick. it was so good to see him and nora together. he and ryan were actually in graduate school together and served on the same Philippine missions team when we all went together a few years ago. ~ 

~ love her. enough said. ~ 

~ oh, it did my heart so good to see have dinner at lou's (one of my favorite pizza places in Chicago - deep dish butter crust, yes please!) with josh and sarah. sarah was my old roommate (my last one before i got married!). if you read my blog in the early days of blogging, her face might be familiar to you. josh is husband and is also a great friend of mine and ryan's. ~

~ when we lived together, sarah and i had this huge "LAUGH" sign that we hung in our living room 'cause she and i seriously love to laugh. we could look at each other and die over something. and so naturally as josh was about to take this picture of us, this random guy walks in front of the camera, looks at us and says really loudly, "CHEESE!" and we bust out laughing. that first picture def captured our friendship. ~ 

~ ash is one of those friends who really knows me. we served as RAs together but i don't think our friendship really blossomed until after college when we both lived in the city. we can go from laughing about old memories to bring it down to a very real level. and whenever we catch up, we always do over Starbucks coffee. ~ 

~and i finally got to meet her baby august. he is the most handsome little fellow ever! when we were in college, we used to say how fun it would be live in the same neighborhood and walk our babies together. we laughed over that as we walked through downtown Chicago especially when ash said, we are halfway there! maybe in a few years, we will get to live out that little dream. ~ 

~ the time i spent with this girl is never enough. ~ 

~ i got the chance to see bryce and emmy, the two little (and they were so little then!) ones ryan and i used to babysit for...and yeaaaah, they aren't so little anymore! the fact that they are in the 7th and 6th grade blew my mind. we were sad that ryan wasn't a part of this sweet reunion, but we hope to be able to visit with them the next time he and i come to the city together. it was also especially sweet to see Cathy and catch up on life with her. ~

 ~ during that same meet-up with bryce and emmy, kristine got to meet-up with the family she babysat for during her time in Chicago. i couldn't believe how tall matthew is...and it was fun to meet the two other babies that came along after we left Chicago! ~ 

~ l to r: with the best boss ever, Joe. seriously, don't think i'll ever have a better boss.  / with my old lincoln park neighbor and friend, julie (who married a Ryan, too!) / one of my favorite college profs, Ms. Hecht who inspird my writing in so many ways / nathan, my co-leader on many past Philippine mission trips and friend of mine and Ryan's ~ 

there were still a handful of friends that i was not able to get in touch with to meet, so hopefully i'll get that chance the next time i make it to the city. but like i mentioned above, there is something that stirs the soul when you spend time with people you call friends. i think there is more i want to say on that - we'll save that for another blog post...but without any more words, i'm sure from these pictures alone, you can already tell what i am talking about. 

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}


  1. So glad you had fun in my city! Yay for visits with old, dear friends. :)

  2. beautiful pictures! reconnecting with old friends is so beautiful and it brings so much joy to my heart! so glad you got to spend time with old friends! those babes are adorable, especially sweet baby Lux! Let me know when you come to chicago sometime and maybe we could meet up!

  3. Man you were BUSY when you were there! Gah, I can't get enough of Chicago, it's such a fun city!

  4. I love that you got to see all of them. It's inspiring to see you keep connections with them. I should go call some of my long lost friends!

  5. So glad you stopped by when you were here! Any chance I get I'll look out for your little sis ;)

  6. Makes me happy! I want to see you next time sis!!! xo

  7. Yay! for meeting up with old dear friends!! :) xo

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