Thursday, August 29, 2013

city snapshots with the herd.

so of course being in my all time favorite city in the world, we made time to walk around downtown and visit all of our favorite restaurants and stores. it's especially fun with my family. we kept calling ourselves "the herd" (you know like in walking dead?) 'cause we all moved together in one big crowd. you can't just say "excuse me" for yourself when you walk down the sidewalk - you have to say it for the whole lot of us. 

~ she thinks her mom is hilarious...or just weird. you be the judge of that face. ~ 

there was also a lot of Lux snuggling time on this trip. i didn't see my little niece for a whole week since the reception - goodness, she def had a growth spurt of some sort and she def is cuter and cuter every time i see her. she kills me with her cuteness. one of my friends said that Lux makes her want to have babies like NOW. Lux def has that affect on people for sure. but for the record, i am very happy to be an aunt. for now at least. one day for sure but for now, i love being an aunt. again, that was for the record. 

~ more city walking. people are exceptionally happy in the windy city as you can tell by katie (kristine's ryan's sister) and kristine's faces. or maybe they were just excited about Chipotle. ~ 

~ ben affleck and bruce willis' armaggedon, right? ~ 

~ rush street is one of my favorite streets in Chicago. it's always a happening place. ~ 

ashley's request for our "last supper" together as a family before we all too off was Chipotle. chicken burrito bowl, no beans with lots of pico de gallo, sour cream, cheese and a teeny bit of lettuce. heavenly. it never gets old for me.

this might sound so strange to you...but when this family is apart, we can feel it. we literally sense it and something feels off. weird, right? but we can. this happened back when kristine and i were in college together in Chicago, mom and ashley in south carolina, and dad was stationed in D.C. there is a lack of completion until we are all together again - at home under one roof. sure...we all are able to go on with our lives. we live. we work. we still love life but we all look look forward to the next time we can all be together again. i am very blessed and def do not take our herd family for granted. 

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}


  1. Looks like such sweet moments...

  2. beautiful photos!! and Chipotle is AMAZING. I LOVE it! Lux is just delicious!!

  3. beautiful photos, beautiful family!


  4. i love your family!! what a lovely group of beautiful people!! xoxo

  5. You're so lucky to have such an amazing, supportive family Ilene. Cherish them, not everyone is as lucky.

  6. I totally hearya with the family talk- mine is the same way and when something is wrong or when we are apart, we can feel it. It's rare to have a family that is so close so congratulations on yours :)


  7. LOVE reading posts and seeing pics of your lovely family! You def are quite blessed to have an amazing family :) All these pics are too fun and LOVE those snapshots of your niece!! And for the record you are not biased in thinking she is the cutest baby, cause she is!! :) Missed your pretty face friend, being busy really makes it hard to read blogs!! xoxo!!

  8. I live in Chicago, and the honeymoon has definitely worn off for it's nice to see posts like this to remind me why I moved here.


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