Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lulu*s collaboration: how to rock a black and white outfit (without looking too bland).

so guuuuuuyysssss, i am super-duper excited about the post we have going on in my little ole part of blog world. today i am collaborating with the incredible and creative people of Lulu*s, talking up a storm on this fun topic: how to rock a black and white outfit (without looking bland). that's right, people! and this the the perfect topic for me...especially when just last night my husband made quite the observation, all your clothes are white and black lately, which of course, follow wither a very emphatic nod of my noggin. you got that right, dear watson. i could most definitely walk onto the set of Beetlejuice and happily be stunt double for Michael Keaton.

but seriously, i LOVE me some black and white. i think there is something classy and crisp about a black and white ensemble. so *clapping hands together* let's dive right on in and let's do this, people!

showcase your black and white pieces. one of  my favorite ways to showcase black and white is to choose either black or white as sort of the background to the canvas. for example with this striped black and white top, i loved making it the center of the outfit by rocking a black tank, black skinny jeans and black sneaker wedges. all the black draws the attention to the top. you can do the same in reverse with white. (psst! i call this my beetlejuice top!) 

including a touch of denim. denim is the perfect go-to for any black and white piece. i suggest going with denim if you prefer a more casual for a morning at the farmer's market or for an afternoon picnic. my favorite chambray tops are the more fitted ones especially if you have a more balloon-shaped or A-line skirt like this one.

add a pop of color. a fun way to add fun to a black and white ensemble is a pop of color - whether it's with shoes or accessories...or maybe even with a bright shade of lipstick. choose something bright and have fun with it! i think color always makes outfits more fun and playful! and i think that these bright turquoise flats did just the trick for this dress (and let's talk about the back - it totally makes the dress, does it not?!)! 

be classic. not every black and white ensemble needs an overload of extra bells and whistles; however one suggestion - remember to break up the black and white between solid colors and prints. this skirt helps unify the black tee with the white moccs. also think classic. think audrey hepburn. you really can't go wrong with sticking with the basics.

~ all highlighted clothing pieces c/o Lulu*s. all opinions are my own ~ 

and you? what are your favorite ways to rock a black and white ensemble? leave your answers in the comments - i'd love to hear them! 

btw if you are loving any of these pieces or anything on the Lulu*s site, be sure to use coupon code MUCHLOVEILLY for 15% off of your entire order (valid for US and Canadian residents, 7/18/2013 thru 7/22/2013). take advantage of this people! happy shopping!

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}


  1. amaaazing! you look incredible in all of the outfits! lulus has the cutest stuff seriously. and you rocked everything so well :)

    in high school all i wore was black. not even black and white lol. i sounds super emo but i just liked black for some reason. now i like color more but black and white is always good too :)

  2. Very cute styles!

  3. What beautiful outfits! I love that polka dotted skirt and that striped dress - so gorgeous and stylish! Your taste is perfection :)

  4. These are all adorable! I think my fave is the last one though. I'm a classic girl. ;D

  5. Fantastic tips!
    And thanks so much for your help with the bun. I'm going to rock it this weekend!

  6. what a fun collab!! you rocked black and white soo well!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  7. the striped dress is very cute- like the fun back detail!

  8. Oh I love the third look, that dress is beautiful.

  9. that black and white dress is beautiful! great styling ideas for black/white.

    cute & little

  10. black and white are definitely my go to's in my wardrobe. it's an easy way to keep it classy!


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