Monday, June 17, 2013

ten uh see camp snapshots.

my heart is so full from my week away at camp. i loved every minute of spending time with my sister and  some of my old small group girls and old friends, as well as making brand new friends. i think back and start cracking up at so many funny inside jokes and hilarious moments that happened. i certainly loved being surrounded by God's incredible creation - even if that meant dealing with pesky bugs and creepy crawling critters. i admit that i am relieved that i am back in my comfy bed and clean bathroom - and def happy to be back with my husband. oh, i have so much more to say, much that i am still processing - so much good and refreshment. these pictures are only snapshots, snippets of the goodness of the week.

more pictures and more processed thoughts to come!

much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}


  1. Ok my mind was just blown by seeing pictures of you and Becca together - I've become friends with her over the interwebs and think she's pretty darn special.

  2. so glad you had such a great week! the pictures are great and cannot wait to see more pictures and hear stories about the amazingness of the week!

  3. Good for you Ilene! Amazing what a week away, unplugged, surrounded by nature can do for a soul! :)

  4. Aw, love these bits and pieces!
    I can't stop listening to the songs we were singing, and checking facebook for more updates and such. ha.

    but it IS so good to be home, with husbands and my own food and warm showers and plenty of rest.

    I loved hanging out with you this past week! gosh, so thankful for new friendships!

  5. Oh camping... what an invigorating thing it is!! You look like you had an absolute blast!!! and seeing you and your sister together is pretty much adorable. Just saying. xoxo

  6. Looks like this was an absolute blast Ilene!!! :) xoxo

  7. looks like you are teaching girls how to do the blogger bun!! ;) you are a great teacher haha!! and is that a green tea frappe?? i love those!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  8. So fun! I bet they LOVED you!

    Did you teach them all top knots?!!!!

  9. These are such cute and fun shots!!! I honestly kept thinking how YOUNG you looked in all of these!! You seriously looked like a teen!! You have some good genes my dear :) Looks like such a great time with your sis, and you got some cute shots of the both of you! Thanks for sharing!


  10. Looks like it was very fun! Were you visiting as a camp counselor, or just went with your sister for some good times?


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