Thursday, June 27, 2013

sponsor love: Anjolee Jewelry.

i am super giddy to introduce today's long-time sponsor to this blog, Anjolee Jewelry. i own one of their tennis bracelets and it is one of my favorites. their tennis bracelets are the perfect touch of elegance to any outfit! be sure to check out their site for their gorgeous collection of diamond pieces - from engagement rings to my favorite, tennis bracelets! 

There have been significant advancements to diamond jewelry technology within the last few decades– changes to stone settings, finishes, as well as the evaluation of cut, color, and quality of stones.  But with this new technology, there also comes some drawbacks – like lab-created artificial diamonds.  These stones can be cost-saving, but the quality will never rival that of a natural diamond.  With all these changes, it’s good to know what you should be looking for in a quality piece of jewelry before you decide to buy.

Another change that comes courtesy of new jewelry technology is improvements to the finer design details – filigree, millgrain, carving/engraving, and raised or recessed text and designs are some of the most common details you’ll notice.  Laser technology has given jewelers the opportunity to experiment with a lot more design options, which means more customizable pieces for you!

One type of jewelry in particular that’s benefited from technology advancements is the tennis bracelet.  After an accessory fiasco at the US Open tennis tournament in 1987, the tennis bracelet has become the poster child for jewelry security – and with the media attention it received after a tennis professional lost her bracelet on the court that fateful day in ’87, the tennis bracelet has morphed into a multitude of styles.  With either a side or under clasp for safety, the tennis bracelet can range from simple prong-set stones, to elaborate pieces with custom finishes and engravings.

And not to be left out from the technology trend, modern diamond engagement rings have started to incorporate more elaborate settings and engravings as well.  With anything from filigree accents to custom embossed words on the band, modern engagement rings can accommodate every unique request.

If it’s authenticity that you’re worried about when you’re browsing through the plethora of technology-enhanced jewelry, keep in mind that there are professionals eager to help you.  Your jeweler can help you understand the quality of your stones, and there are also gemological laboratories that will provide certificates of authenticity for the diamond jewelry you select.  Overall, technology is your friend, and it can help you create that custom piece of jewelry that you’ve been searching for!

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}


  1. I love that watch! I think I have purchaced a necklace from them in the past.

    xo Emmy

  2. Love Anjolee! Your bracelet is so pretty (and so is your watch).

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