Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nashville pit-stop.

before our trip to Iowa, my family and i made a pit-stop in Nashville, TN. we needed a break from the long drive, but also my sister, ashley and her best friend, ale grace, had tickets to a One Direction concert. while those two crazy girls were busy screaming their lungs out and having the time of their lives, my parents, Peyton, and i strolled up and down Broadway street. i loved the sights and the music in the air - plus it just felt good to stretch out our  bodies after the hours on the road. 

we eventually found a Panera Bread and ordered some lemonade and sweet tea. the sun was beginning to set and a light breeze brushed through, helping cool off some of the icky humidity  it was probably one of my favorite moments of the evening because i loved being able to sit with my parents and Peyton and just relax, people-watching, and listening to the country music - and i am not even a fan of country music but since it's so  much part of Nashville, i relished it!

oh and while we were there, my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary! 
yeaaaaah, baby! aren't they the absolute cutest?!

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}


  1. awwww you have the cutest family and looks like you have a GREAT time together! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. HOw fun!!!! Looks like you had a great time

  3. Aw, look like a great pit stop! I've driven through Nashville, maybe stopped for a bite to eat or something... but never really got a chance to walk around! Maybe one day. I love that you guys brought Peyton! hehe. How old is he? Squirt is 14 now (!!! Turned 14 on the 14th!) so I'm not sure how great she would do on a super long road trip... haha. Sweet girl.

    & Happy anniversary to your parents! My parents just celebrated theirs too, on the 21st! :)

  4. Looks like fun! I've never been to Nashville and but would love to visit sometime.

  5. Sounds like the perfect way to see a new city :) I love people watching!

  6. Welcome to my home town! Hope you enjoyed your stay

  7. you look so easy breezy beautiful in that pic with your mom at panera. i love it! and girllllli love nashville!!

  8. oh, so fun!

    gosh I love those girls. such happy little cuties.


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