Tuesday, June 4, 2013


 oversized tee: c/o Lamixx / skirt: Belk / headscarf: c/o EcoShag / sandals (coco): c/o Blowfish Shoes

recovering from a super fun weekend at home. 

becoming a pro at ironing (and starching) men's dress shirts.

continually obsessing over headscarves especially this coral one.

loving the fact that it's officially sandal weather.

looking forward to the Flow (youth summer camp) all next week.

drinking lots of pink lemonade.

counting down the days till we get to meet my niece.

finally got my hands on Clockwork Princess and eating it all up 
(one of my all time favorite series ever - looking for a summer read, this is it!)

designing and mailing out my wedding reception invites.

what have you been up to lately, my friend?

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}


  1. I love the outfit and the turban! I feel like I couldn't wear it but you're rocking it!


  2. obsessing over that head scarf as well. i just wonder if i would look silly with my short hair. hmmm...

  3. I just got the craving for pink lemonade. sounds much better than the ice water I currently have!!

    And your rock that headwrap so well!

  4. you look adorable! i love the head scarf! and your outfit looks so cozy!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  5. love the headscarf! just ordered one from ecoshag :) would you do a tutorial/how to wear headscarves?

  6. your niece!!! awwwwwwww can't wait to see her too!! you look soo good i headscarves BTW!!

  7. I'm with TM, we need a headscarf tutorial!

  8. I bought an EcoShag turban... & look like a total idiot in it. I'm so jealous of your effortless chic!

  9. I am obsesseddd with that head scarf! I don't think I could pull it off so effortlessly as you - you look fabulous xx

  10. You look INCREDIBLE in this post!! You always look wonderful, but this is just over-the-top HOT, lol :)

  11. Love your skirt! it looks AMAZING


  12. love the skirt + shirt + headband combo - adorable!



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