Sunday, June 16, 2013

happy father's day, daddy.

to the first man i have ever loved, happy father's day! i feel beyond grateful to have a man like you be my daddy. i have always looked up to you thanks for loving us girls so much and always being there for us. thank you for your provision for our family and always being devoted, loving and faithful to our mom. 

and though no earthly father is perfect, i am thankful to have a father who followed in the ways of Jesus and strove to be as much as our Heavenly Father as possible that my own view of God has been only positively affected by your life and your love towards me. and last but not least, thanks for all the awesome Saturday morning bike rides we had together while i was home last year. those were some of my favorites! i love you so much, Daddy! 

and for the two other important fathers in my life - Bud (my father-in-law) and Ryan (my brother-in-law) - so happy to know both of you. your children are blessed to have you as their fathers! 

much love.
{happy father's day, friend.}